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    SafeBoot upgrade to MEPEM

      Hello everyone!

      I am a newbi to SafeBoot (our administrator is no longer here and I drew the small straw) and I am testing an upgrade from SafeBoot 4.2.15 to McAfee Enpoint Encryption Manage v5,1,7,0 (build 5500>517-0018)

      The installation and upgrade appears to have worked well and correctly and my database moved over, etc.

      I have one machine I am testing on (that has the SafeBoot client) and now I cannot do a forcesync on it. It tells me Error contacting [computername] at [IP Address] 0xc00001e: Unknow Error

      I have looked at the SDMCFG.INI file and made sure it is pointing to the right place and I used the migration guide.

      Any thoughts?