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    upgrading to 5500 5.1.7

      Im looking to upgrade to build 5500 5.1.7 of MEE from 5.1.2 and wanted to find out from the forum of issues noticed with 5.1.7. We have a mix of HP and Dell machines. Mostly moving to new verson to utilize the local user recovery feature and issues that 5.1.2 had with emergency boot which at times would kill machines. Testing with few (5) machines has gone well but will be pushing it to 10000 nodes. Any feed back would be helpfull.
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          Hi, We have moved from 5300 build 5.1.3, 5.1.5 to 5500 Build and didn't have any issues apart from Auto sensing keyboards. This means if you force complex password involves symbols then may be a issue. Work aroung you can change the file to force to be uk or us keyboard. We have about 3000 devices and they are about 70 to 80 completed other don't login to connect the server but when they do they get updated. Also there is 5.1.8 in case you wanted to go for that we will be doing that soon.

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            you can script the keyboard detection routines, it's pretty simple to do. I wrote a script to do that yesturday, it only took an hour or so to work out the right WMI and INI file handling.

            the most complex part was writing a class to return all the keys from a particular ini file section, something I've never needed before.

            You can probably get access to the demo script/exe from your McAfee professional services person.
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              Im guessing when you mean force the keyboard to be UK OR American as in using Client File set out to machines that is for American english. If that is so, then we have been doing that anyhow since when we had implemented SB with version 4 (de_lang: (American) client & KB.
              The same file set hasnt caused any issues moving to 5.x hopefully upgrading to 5.1.7 wont be issue either.
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                If you are in US or using US Keyboard it won't be an issue as we are in UK and Safeboot has a US/UK keyboard option and it fails to get UK Keyboard after Update. We called McAfee and the fix was to to get the Locale.ini file from a PC where it works correctly and import that into Safeboot files on the Server and make it force copy.

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                  We found if you are using Dell Eseries that you could run into a problem depending on how you installed the system. Most our Dell Eseries had to be installed with a fix called report number of sides of OS orsomething like that. If it was not encrypted that way in the beginning you will get a failure to boot. If you have Dell Eseries computers I would do a specific test for those.
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                    Dvanmeter, what other options are you including on your installation set as we are having trouble with the Dell E Series Laptops.

                    Also what version of Safeboot are you using as we on on 5.1.6.


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                      One thing I would do to prevent your network from going to the ground is to stagger the installation to the clients if that is a concern.
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                        there is a fileset option that is something like "detect number of sides of the OS" or close to that. You must have the fileset created with this option enabled when encryping laptops. It doesnt work to turn in on after the fact You dont want the same option turned on unless the computer has a know problem like the Dell Eseries. So you will need a special fileset for computer models that have this problem.

                        The problem we saw was the computer would encrypt and when rebooting it would just stay at a screen booting to 5.1.7 or report no OS detected.
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                          Our's once encrypted would start to load Endpoint Encryption and then power cycle in a loop.

                          We did try using the EEPC Installation set we created for the Dell E Series with SSD's and this works but we dont get a tray icon.

                          Will create a new installation set today and see how we get on. Thanks for your advice.