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    Laptop hangs after successful encryption

      Hi there,

      Wondering if anyone knows why a system would completely hang after it seems to have successfully encrypted the HDD? I can login to the pre-boot environment and it then shows a black screen with

      Resetting hardware......
      Starting operating system.....

      then nothing.

      It's a Sony VGN-Z21WN. It took almost 8 hours to encrypt (!) and I thought I was at the finish line but no such luck. :eek:

      Any help much appreciated!
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          And why do you think this has something to do with McAfee? Unfortunately, you've told us little about your computer.. Which operating system? Which version of McAfee do you have installed and is it current?

          I'm also curious why your encrypting your entire hard drive? Which program did you use to perform the encryption? Maybe SafeBoot/Endpoint Encryption? If you're in a corporate situation, hopefully you've got a procedure for remembering the encryption passphrase.. And employee that leaves the company could leave a PC which is useless without the password.

          In the meantime, the discussions at the link below might help. There's about 3 pages of info in this link.:


          Hope this helps.

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            Why do I think it has something to do with McAfee? because the system worked fine before performing a full HDD encryption. After installing the client it synchronises fine and goes through the encryption process. Having apparently successfully completed the encryption process I reboot and login to the preboot screen. Get past that without any problems but hit the black screen as mentioned above.

            The system itself has XP Pro SP3.

            It is a corporate environment and there is no issue with me being able to get information from the system since it has only just arrived (brand new laptop) and has been imaged (Altiris).

            Version of Safeboot (MEE)? 5.1.8

            Does that help?
            • 3. Black Screen of Death :eek:

              We get the same issue with our Dell D620 and newer Dell E4300 for our deployment. After a full drive encryption, the machine black screens of death.

              Unfortunately we haven't had time to save partinfo and whatnot logs due to having little time to get the users recovered and running. I estimate we get 2 black screens of death for every 50 machines deployed.

              We use the silent install package and SMS. Clients running XP SP2 and Endpoint 5.1.7.

              So far our plan is to scandisk and defrag before the next deployment wave.

              Any help much appreciated!
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                Thanks for that. At least I'm not alone. Annoying thing for me is that this is the first instance of this we've had and we've encrypted about 500 devices, mostly without any problems.

                We almost exclusively use Dell and HP but on this occasion the user has a Sony, the first of it's kind within our organisation, and the flamin' thing black screens on me!

                I'll keep trying to find out why and if I get anything I'll post it on here. You do the same?

                You never know we might get somewhere! :rolleyes:
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                  There have been other posts about incompatible BIOS revisions (try updating to latest) and SATA drives. Sometimes setting the laptop to different forms of "compatibility mode" helps reduce unexplained drive problems.
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                    Well it's now working. Not sure why!
                    Re-imaged it and then installed the pre-boot environment only - worked fine.
                    Changed the file setting check box to update MBR for MEE and did a partial encryption
                    (10%) - Worked fine.

                    Went for a full encryption - and hey ho, it worked. Has the changed setting done it or did something just not work properly during the first encryption? Not sure but there you go, my bosses laptop is now working and encrypted so I'm not complaining.

                    Thanks for the replies though.
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                      probably the original MBR was bum, and you fixed it by putting a new image on.
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                        How would we prevent or fix a "bum" MBR that's not actually faulty?
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                          just because it worked for Windows does not mean it's a good solid MBR - there have been numerous cases over the years of laptop manufactures shipping machines with custom MBR's which didn't set the stack correctly etc. They were just lucky that Windows didn't care so much.

                          however, other OS's (like the one we use for our pre-boot) expect things to be a little more solid.

                          It's a sad fact that most manufactures test their machines against Windows and very little else - you'd think the BIOS/MBR was a pretty exact science now, but sadly it's not - if anything there's more libertys taken nowadays than in the past.

                          to get a proper MBR in, just use the standard Windows fixmbr command. On XP and below you can also use the old DOS fdisk/mbr command, but don't try that on Vista or anything of that generation (W2008 /W7 etc).
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