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    Admin Console

      I am one of several admins on our system. One of them inadvertently changed the password to the admin console. Now none of us can get in. I even tried logging into the https server and it gives the reply that password entry disabled. What can I do to get back into the console? I have a prior backup of the whole sbadmin folder if that will help.
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          If you mean the SBADmin password has been changed then you can do this (worked for me in the past)

          Restore as follows:

          Restore from backup a recent copy of the SBAdmin Folder
          Navigate to SBADmin\SBDATA\00000001\00000000 folder
          Copy the 00000001 folder from this directory
          On your server delete the following folder -> \SBADmin\SBDATA\00000001\00000000\00000001
          Copy the restored folder from backup in to same directory

          Login using SBAdmin and the relevant password (which you should know from when the backup was performed)

          Personally I would take another full copy of the SBAdmin folder before performing the above steps
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            That worked, thanks
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              You should create individual admin accounts, instead of sharing the default admin account. It would also be wise to not assign any full admin account to machines, as you may inadvertently change the password during a Windows password expiration notice.