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    Good definitions of error codes

      I need to know if there is a good knowledge base for the error codes that come up when endpoint encryption has issues. The knowledge base and error message list is not extensive enough for troubleshooting issues. It makes no sense to call McAfee every time we have an issue come up and then make note of what exactly the error means. I currently have a user who is getting error "e002000a Endpoint Encryption disk information not present". What does that mean and how is it resolved?
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          I have been asking for a more robust guide to the error codes since deploying SafeBoot and have met with little success. I keep telling the support staff how useful it would be and all the time and aggravation it would save everyone.

          Unfortunately, despite my company having shelled out money for platinum support, I am doing exactly what you are doing...taking notes every time I solve a problem.

          As for your specific error, I've seen that one before, and if I remember correctly, it means that there is some corruption that makes SafeBoot unable to read the disk info. I'm pretty sure I've had to reimage all machines that show this error.

          Good Luck.
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            It could also be that a USB card reader or USB stick is in the machine. Version 5.1.3 (and others, I'm sure) would attempt to encrypt removable media. This issue was fixed in B5420 (i think) and above.

            Another thing to check, would be partitions mounted as folders.
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              Yeah ..


              there are error code but not the full description or solution..




              only common error that we can be found on knewledge based..

              anyway there are some good information i found in the knewledgebased to pick suitable recovery method..


              So basically we need to understand the safeboot encryption architecture and the error before doing any recovery.



              "e002000a Endpoint Encryption disk information not present"

              it seem the information on encryption has been altered..








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                Search this forum and whole KB. Sometimes you will find more information then just a dry list of errors.

                But yes, McAfee could do better here.

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                  Hi All,


                  I am part of the McAfee knowledge analyst team assigned to Endpoint Encryption. Although a lot of the errors are documented in individual articles, there are issues where the same error could have several causes and thus several solutions. These types of errors cannot be easily just added to a table. Error articles are the easiest to find. One trick is to add double quotes to all of the error number or just part of it.

                  Example: For the error: 0e0130002

                    Search string 1: "0e0130002"

                    Search String 2: "e013"

                  This helps produce a more selective set of results. Normally fewer results.



                  What  I will promise is this.

                  • To monitor the community Endpoint Encryption group for errors and when a solution is found I will look to document the issue in a new article. The more detail provided the better the quality of the article will be.  Logging a case with McAfee technical support will give you a customer reference. This gives me access to all the details that you log.
                  • I will communicate with all Mcafee Tier II, III and product managers to ask them to e-mail me with any issue that relates to an error, to assist us in documenting more of the errors. However please note that these people are already providing a great deal of material for issues that we document in articles (or posted in PDF files). The team are dedicated to documenting as many issues that are possible. There are always new issues popping up that need documenting as new releases occur.
                  • I will monitor the Endpoint Encryption community group on a regular basis. I am sure with all the people in this group, will assist us in keeping this a well documented product.


                  All the best



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                    I suggest to frequently update KB53580 document with references to specific KB articles, pertaining to special error codes. That way it will be only one master document for error code related troubleshooting. I don't see a problem with multiple references present for each table item (error code).


                    Following your example, searching KB your way does not help either.

                    https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=answers&type=search&question_box=%22e 002000a%22



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                      With all the new Endpoint Encryption maintenance releases this would not be very practical to try and put them all in one article.   Do not forget we have SafeBoot articles and Endpoint Encryption articles to contend with. Focus though will be with the Endpoint Encryption product.


                      Finding solutions for errors is the easiest type of article to locate in the McAfee knowledgebase.


                      However, I will undertake to do some research and identify how many existing separate error articles for Endpoint Encryption exist that are mentioned in the article on this thread. There may be some better way to handle all them. Leave this with me and I will come back to this discussion once I have had time to analyze all the results.

                      Note, that one way to handle some of them is to implement what we call Master Articles. These are for common topics/errors that occur for one version of the product. I cannot provide an Endpoint Encryption example but I can provide one for other products that I have worked on in the past.  Be assured I will be looking for ways to improve on the way we handle the Endpoint Encryption errors.



                      KB57884ERROR: McAfee Common Framework returned error ffffff?? @ ? / Failed to initialize common updater subsystem (Troubleshooting)



                      All the best





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                        Agreed with you


                        in KB53580,  each of the error should links to potential problem & potential solution..

                        much better than searching the whole knewledgebase documentation..