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    Changing Ports on MEE Server

      Can you change the default port from 5555 to like 443 on the MEE Server? Do you have to do it at initial installation or can you change it on the fly and update the MEE clients?
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          I have not been able to change the port after the server database has been installed. I deleted the remote server connection that has the default port of 5555 and created a new remote server connection with the port 443. I also tried to set change the default at the Group level to 443 created a new server connection and updated the SDMCFG.ini file on the client and still no luck. This is the same behavior for the install set as well. I get an error message [5c000008]: A corrupt or unexpected message was received. The ports are all open on my network. The database IDs on the Server Connection and the Server on the Database Console match.

          Can you only specify the port during the initial install and there cannot be any changes after this? Maybe there is a certificate problem when the server and client communicate?
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            you can change it whenever - I expect the reason you were getting the error is that something else was using 443 (isn't that the default for SSL?) - Skype maybe for example, or a web service of some sort, or a trojan/root kit ;-)

            You simply need to edit it in the server definition in your policy database, AND on each client in sdmcfg.ini, prior to restarting the server on the new port.

            To do the clients, you can deploy a merge-ini which updates sdmcfg.ini and scm.ini with a new connection definition, then clients will be able to use the old port until you restart the server.

            then, you need to monitor for clients which didnt get the change, as they will now be disconnected.

            as an aside - you can work out what's using this port by running "netstat -ano", then look up the PID of whatever is using the port in task manager. On my machine it was indeed Skype using that one.
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              Thanks, I will check this out.
              It is safe to assume that you cannot create Multiple Remote Server Connections with a different port assigned to each connection? I guess that would conflict with the same IP assignment for each Server Connection and the certificate for communication? Can you connect to the same server through multiple ports. Assign some machines to one Remote Server Connection with a certain port and assign other machines to a different Server Connection with a different port?
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                The MEE server binds to all addresses on one port. You can run multiple copies of the server on different ports, but you'll need to rename the EXE etc as that's not what it was designed to do.

                I'm not sure why you would want to do that though - to cover the migration situation we discussed below? If so, then you've probably hit on quite a good idea.

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                  We have succesfully changed the port to 443 on the database and the clients are synchronizing on the new port. Another problem is that the Web Recovery uses port 443 as well and both the Database Server Service and the HTTP Service cannot run at the same time on this port. The HTTP service will not start until you edit the SbHttp.ini file to point to port 8080 or something like that. We would like the port for Server Client communications to be 443. We added an ip address to the network adapter and pointed the SBHttp.ini file to this ip. The HTTP Service did not start with these settings as well. Is there anyway to edit the settings other than hardcoded to make this work? We do not want a URL to be named https:\\dnsname:8080. Our only soulution is to initiate URL redirection.
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                    443 is the port for SSL - you really need to keep that for SSL only. If you want your browser to find the http server, it needs to be on the port the browser understands?
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                      I agree. That is just the way it is. They understand that using URL redirection and port 8080 is not secure but they are going to use Web Recovery on the internal LAN only. The MEE server communication port may have to be changed back to the default of 5555 anyway pending on further testing of client communications outside the LAN/ WAN. So this may be moot.