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    Access to the Driver not Permitted.


      I am getting

      Result code: 0xe0020021
      ResultDescription=Access to the Driver not permitted

      When I click on "Get Machine Name" after logging on to c:\program files\safeboot\sbacli.exe

      This is preventing me from encrypting the hard drive since it is not getting machine name.

      Please help....

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          you need to be an admin to query the local driver.
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            I have admin access to the system and also I have access to the safeboot database. In case I am missing something, please explain in detail.

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              you don't have admin access to the system, or you wouldn't get this error ;-)

              are you running Vista for example? If so you need to specifically "run as administrator" a program to get full admin rights.

              I'm not sure what sbacli.exe is though - where did that come from?
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                First of all I am getting this message on a specific machine and we are using windows xp pro. So, I dont think that on one particular it will need some special access when it is working fine on other machine.

                About the file Sbacli.exe is used to add the user to the safeboot database and this is the first time I am facing this issue as I do this stuff on daily basis in my organization.

                Any other suggestions??

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                  The error means you don't have rights to access the driver, so it must be a permissions issue. If it works on other machines, and not this one, then you need to work out what the difference between the two are.

                  Try logging on as a local admin and running the command to prove this. That's all I can suggest really.

                  As for this particular exe though, it must be something your company wrote themselves, or had written for them by someone, as it's not part of the standard product?

                  Try running the command getlocalmachinename with the official McAfee tool sbadmcl.exe, and see if you get the same issue (I expect you will though).