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    HP8510p:Need a Tech Code for decrypting a drive encrypted with SB 5.0

      Hello everybody,

      I have a HP 8510p which is coming with the Safeboot 5.0 (as part of their Trusted Platform Module). The drive is fully encrypted with Safeboot and I have the HPDRIVEEncryptionBackup.dat file.

      The problem is that now Vista is not starting anymore after a buggy driver which I installed. I am able to login into Safeboot but not able to access my files because Vista restarts itself no matter what I do.

      I created a BartPE CD with SBWintech inside and I am able to boot from it.

      I loaded the DAT file, but I need a TechCode.
      I am not a McAfee customer, and the HP guys are absolutely clueless.
      I tried to create an account, but I need a so called "Grant ID" which I have no idea what it means.

      How can I obtain such a tech code ?

      Many thanks.

      Note: I am located in Germany
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