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    Build 5600 V5.1.8 Release Notes

      I downloaded Build 5600 Endpoint Encryption install and documentation. I cannot find the release notes. Could someone point me to where i can find the release notes for V5.1.8 Device Encryption.

      Has anyone upgraded to this version?

      We are having issues with Web Recovery because our SB server sits on a different subnet than most of the IT staff that need to utilize it. We were told by technical support that it will be fixed in a release later this year. I'm hoping this release has this fix.

      Currently running Build 5500 V5.1.7

      Thank You.
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          I don't believe they included the released notes in 5.1.7 either and we complained to the rep about that. They can be downloaded in the My Downloads area under documentation for the product.
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            Thank You. I down loaded the tools and install. I thought I downloaded the documentation but apparently I did not.
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              Release notes docs has to be downloaded separately. It's under Documentation tab on your McAfee Downloads page ...
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                I still don't see how the subnet separation is an issue? Is there a firewall blocking the required ports? Is it more than just a separate subnet, or something else (slow WAN link, load balancer, packet shaper)?
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                  This is what we were told.

                  This problem has already been reported and will be resolved later this year when our webrecovery is integrated with McAfee Epolicy Orchestrator which uses a more stable Apache web server format.


                  We have seen this type of issue occur if the client machines are not on the same subnet as the webrecovery server(most likely a router problem).
                  Please, be sure that this is not the case for your machines. You can also try deselecting the "HTTP 1.1 settings" in the IE advanced internet options as this has also been known the resolve the issue. It appears that the issue could be related to HTTP 1.1 caching.

                  We stated having this problem when we upgraded to V5.1.7. Was not a problem prior to that. The agencies (I am the server admin only for the state and each agency takes care of their clients) could have made a change in the router, this I have not control over. I sent them the above information and deselecting the HTTP 1.1 setting seems to be helping them.