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    SiteAdvisor not working on Firefox

      Windows Vista just downloaded a bunch of updates and McAfee downloaded stuff and I not only lost SiteAdvisor in Firefox (not in IE though), but I also had to uninstall and reinstall McAfee on both of my computers because I also lost network management capabilities (not to mention the network map) on them!!
      I feel like I've spent half the day working on my computers looking for solutions, uninstalling, cleaning and reinstalling, etc. I just noticed that Firefox no longer has the green check marks next to the website listings and I'd like them back. I looked for answers, downloaded the latest Java and everything else I could find to make it all current, but I'm still unable to get SiteAdvisor working properly. I'm running Firefox 3.0.1, Vista, have a Dell Inspiron 1405 and a Dimension running XP SP2 (I don't know if SiteAdvisor is working on that machine because I turned it off before I discovered this additional problem).

      Please help!!

      Thanks in advance,


      I just wanted to say that I've been fiddling with it some more and clicked on the green SiteAdvisor bar in the lower right-hand corner then clicked About. When the box opened, I clicked on www.siteadvisor.com and downloaded it again, restarted the browser and now it's back up and running again. I didn't delete this issue in case someone else has problems with their siteadvisor not working after all these updates from Windows and McAfee.
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          Glad it's fixed...finally. I moved this over to SiteAdvisor's own forum from Security Center 8.
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            Well, SiteAdvisor has been giving me a major headache and I see from all the postings that I'm not alone. It is working in IE7 but not in Firefox 3.0.1 which is my main browser. I've done so many uninstalls and re-installs that I'm exhausted, but no luck. What's weird is that it appears to be fixed right after I download it. I close my browser and re-open it and it works properly. But then, 5 or 10 minutes later, it stops working. It stays green and sits down on top of the notification toolbar with Ad-Block and Foxmarks, but there are no check marks when I search. If I check the "highlight search result links" box, then the results will show colored bars which give me a clue as to whether or not they're safe, but no check marks.

            I was up until 2am last night watching the Olympics and reading all the threads about SiteAdvisor, so I can take comfort in the fact I'm not alone, I guess. Still, I'd rather it worked properly the way I'm accustomed to it working. Are they still working on making it compatible with Firefox??

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              If it's any consolation, I am now at version 2.8 and the Firefox issue has hit me too.
              In IE7 I have no problems with it being at the left for a change and it seems to be OK sharing a line with the Menu bar and Google toolbar.
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                You know what they say..."Misery loves company!" Actually, I downloaded SA 2.6 for both IE and FF and, for the moment at least, it's working fine in IE and it's on the top right-hand side of the browser. To be honest, I couldn't say where it normally sits in IE since I rarely ever use that browser--the ads are brutal. It's the problem with Firefox that's making me nuts.

                I've read in these threads about something called "Wot" in FF's add-ons, so maybe I'll disable SA and download that until SA works properly. I'll keep an eye on this forum and if I ever see the issue resolved to my satisfaction, I'll download it again.

                Thanks Ex-Brit--you've done a great job moderating this board. Clearly this issue has kept you very busy!

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                  Yes, WOT is listed in my available FF add-ons, and I might try it until such time as the developers get some fixes going for us all.

                  I still prefer IE7 for browsing but I use FF for certain sites as they act better using it.
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                    By the way, I thought that I'd died and gone to heaven when I discovered a toolbar unlocker add-on for Firefox....no such luck! It only allows you to move toolbars up and down, not merge them.