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      • 60. Au contraire!
        Yes, I feel much better, thank you! ;-null )
        I didn't have a zoo of STUFF before in my header. I read the stickies...If McAfee doesn't read the forums I guess their users are doomed to be the beta testers. I did send a feedback notice. If I were a software developer I surely would have beta testers on different platforms for feedback and probs. It's gotten to the point software is NO way ready for release to the general user just to be out more quickly. Not the best marketing ploy! Being first is no substitute for being BETTER. Forget the deadlines....code your product correctly! Ahhh...now I feel better still. ;-null ))
        Thanks for the rant space. J. R.
        • 61. RE: Au contraire!
          I hear you and tend to agree with you. Let's hope they fix things soon.
          • 62. RE: Disabled Toolbar

            I have version

            It is both a toolbar and a BHO (browser helper object).

            It's a service/services too.
            • 63. RE: Disabled Toolbar
              "By the way, it is Firefox that prevents anything being moved, so there's the challenge for the developers."

              A challenge which they had addressed perfectly in the Firefox extension (i.e. it displayed at the right hand end of the status bar - you could even move it elsewhere on the bar using the "Organize Status Bar" extension) until this latest disastrous version!

              I actually prefer it on the status bar - it makes more sense there since it is more of an indicator than a control - but all sorts of extensions - Google Notebook, Adblock Plus, Uppity, etc. - live there quite happily, so SA would be in good company like it always was.

              Don't mean to be offensive, but it looks to me as though someone on the dev. team was simply trying to be clever. I hope (s)he is now thoroughly ashamed of themselves...
              • 64. RE: Disabled Toolbar
                • 65. RE: Disabled Toolbar
                  Uh - didn't it change overnight? :D

                  I truly don't understand large companies and how they think. Somebody had to make the conscious decision to remove the SiteAdvisor icon from the Status Bar and create a brand new toolbar. This was not easy coding. Somebody else had to say, "Hey, that's a good idea", and then dozens and dozens of people on the upgrade team had to never mention, "I wonder if the users will have any objections?" (Or maybe they did and were ignored.)

                  How can McAfee not run this change by at least a small group of users and ask for feedback? Heck, I'll bet if they made just one post here and offered v2.8 for feedback, they would have quickly learned what the rest of the world knows.

                  Now they have to go back and undo everything, putting out a fire that they built and lit.
                  • 66. RE: Disabled Toolbar

                    They must have had their reasons. McAfee/the SiteAdvisor organization/whatever obviously thought that they would get away with it, just like the data sharing arrangement McAfee has with Doubleclick. In the end, it's all about the money.
                    • 67. RE: Disabled Toolbar
                      SiteAdvisor was a nice little app until Mc came along and snapped it up. I knew then that its days were numbered. It's a real shame.
                      • 68. All that was said before and......
                        Hi Everyone
                        I have found a new problem with v2.8.255, which I have already told McAfee about. I installed it on IE7 yesterday and when I started Firefox 3.0.1 (the browser that I use most) the Add-ons window was already open and said that an updated add-on had been installed. I guess once it's installed it spreads like the plague.
                        That is not the new problem. When I was using Yahoo Mail, I went to delete an email from the inbox. The page has to change reflecting that the message is gone. It usually takes an instant. SiteAdvisor turned from green to gray until it checked the new page configuration then turned back to green. It took a few seconds. Until it completes the check, the page is frozen and I could not proceed. It did it several times. I don't know if it does the same thing on other sites because I have disabled it. Yahoo Mail is working normal again. If they change it, I will try it again. Too bad, it's was a good and welcome extension.
                        • 69. RE: All that was said before and......
                          I could not uninstall McAfee SiteAdvisor v2.8.255 using Firefox add-on manager. I had to uninstall it from the Control Pannel/Programs and Features (Vista), which removed it from IE also. I downloaded v26.6 for Firefox (yes, still available) and installed it. It is back in the status bar and working well. I ain't givein' it up again!
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