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    Siteadvisor in Toolbar disappears


      I am using SiteAdvisor and IE 7. It has worked well until yesterday when it started disappearing from the toolbar. If I choose it to show as a toolbar, it shows up and works fine until I close IE and reopen it again. It disappears again even though I have ticked 'lock toolbars'. I have a run a virus check using two different anti virus programs and the computer is clean.

      I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program but that didn't fix it and the problem remains.

      Any help you can give me in fixing this problem would be most appreciated.

        • 1. site advisor dissappears - part II

          My Site Advisor also dissappeared; while using IE 7. But mine has been gone for a VERY long time. If I log in with my wife's login, it shows up; but not in mine.

          And uninstalling and re-installing doesn't help. Getting the latest version doesn't help either. And I also use an anti-virus program. And I've had McAfee's online program check and find no problems also.


          Mike Beaver CHt.
          • 2. RE: Siteadvisor in Toolbar disappears

            Well, it seems about everyone has an issue with the SiteAdvisor !

            The only suggestion I have, not without risk: uninstall all your McAfee software (see for the correct procedure Ex Brits' instructions somewhere on this forum, this involves using the MCPR tool). Then reinstall from your online account (I assume you have a subscription), and if you like, update the SiteAdvisor to the latest version.
            • 4. RE: using the MCPR tool
              MCPR= McAfee CPR ? happy
              • 5. RE: Siteadvisor in Toolbar disappears
                Hello Vivienne,

                We received your message reporting that SiteAdvisor toolbar disappears on IE 7 abruptly. Thank you for contacting us.

                We would need some more information before we could help you out. Please answer the following questions:-

                1. Could you please specify the version of SiteAdvisor you are using. To find this,
                (i) Click on the black arrow mark in the SiteAdvisor toolbar
                (ii) A drop-down menu would appear. On this menu, click on the "About" option
                (iii) In the 'About' dialog box, just above the 'OK' button, 'Version' would be displayed. (e.g., - This is the latest version).

                2. Please specify the Operating System (OS) you are using. Please mention the service pack as well.
                (For e.g., Vista 32 Home Basic SP1 or Windows XP Home SP2). This helps QA to try and reproduce the same and narrow down the problem.

                3. Are there any other toolbars installed on IE. For e.g., Google toolbar, Yahoo! toolbar etc. If yes, is this issue seen with those toolbars as well?

                4. Please check if the SiteAdvisor Browser Helper Object (BHO) is enabled. To check this, please follow the steps given below:-
                (i) Open Internet Explorer
                (ii) Click on Tools (or press Alt+T)
                (iii) Click on 'Mange Add-ons'. Click on 'Enable or Disable Add-ons...' option.
                (iv) In the 'Mange Add-ons' dialog box, check if 'McAfee SiteAdvisor' Type: Toolbar is enabled. Also check if 'SiteAdvisor' Type: Browser Helper Object is enabled.
                If any of these options are disabled, please enable the same, close and re-open the browser.

                5. Please check if 'SiteAdv.exe' and 'SAService.exe' processes are running. To check this, please follow the steps given below:-
                (i) Open Internet Explorer
                (ii) Open Windows Task Manager. This can be done by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys or right-click on the Taskbar and click 'Task Manager' option
                (iii) In the 'Windows Task Manager' window, click on 'Processes' tab. Check if 'SiteAdv.exe' and 'SAService.exe' are displayed.

                6. You could also try restarting SiteAdvisor service.
                (i) Click 'Start' and click on 'Run'
                (ii) Type 'services.msc' (without quotes on the Run Dialog)
                (iii) In the 'Services' window, search for 'SiteAdvisor Service'. Right-click on it and select 'Restart' option.
                Now, check open IE and check whether SiteAdvisor toolbar is displayed.

                We also suggest you to go through the following links.
                This should help solve the problem.

                Once you give us the information requested above, we'll get back to you immediately with a solution if possible. Until then, you can continue to use SiteAdvisor by installing Mozilla Firefox browser and run the setup again or you could also download the SiteAdvisor firefox extension from http://www.siteadvisor.com/download/ff.html. Thank you for being a McAfee customer.

                Praveen Rajaretnam
                Associate Software QA Engineer
                McAfee SiteAdvisor Consumer QA
                • 6. RE: Siteadvisor in Toolbar disappears
                  Hi, I've been using McAfee Site advisor for months and its worked fine.

                  HOWEVER, yesterday I've just installed a program called SuRun

                  This program is like runnings windows on a Limited User Account.
                  However, this program is very convenient in that, while you are running a limited user account, you can *conveniently start or run any program with administrative rights.

                  I use firefox and when I install other plug-ins they work fine.

                  Mcafee works fine, but disappears.
                  I tried to run Firefox as admin but it still disappears.

                  How do I make it "stick?"
                  • 7. RE: Siteadvisor in Toolbar disappears
                    i have had the same problem with FF3 RC2. in my case, i install the firefox extension which works fine, but after a reboot it somehow changes to the firefox extension included with the IE plugin!

                    i no longer have the green checkmarks on any search of google. it worked fine until FF3 RC2 was released.

                    any help is MUCH appreciated. it was working fine until i upgraded to FF3RC2.
                    • 8. RE: Siteadvisor in Toolbar disappears

                      Philbee, this bug is soo annoying isn't it? WHY doesn't McAfee SiteAdvisor WORK????

                      Arggh! this sucks, I've been running without McAfee Sit Advisor for a day, And i'm *soo used to it helping me decipher which website is safe or not.

                      I have been using McAfee Site Advisor for months fine. After starting to us LUA, (Windows Limited User Account) I've began to have problems.

                      How can I install McAffee Site Advisor for *good, under my LUA? (Which I can run installation programs and programs with Admin rights thanks to SuRun program)

                      I'd really appreciate if someone can help me fix this
                      • 9. SiteAdvisor Toolbar Disappears- IE8
                        Dear Praveen Rajaretnam,
                        Associate Software QA Engineer
                        McAfee SiteAdvisor Consumer QA

                        My SiteAdvisor Toolbar constantly disappears. I'm using IE8.
                        SiteAdvisor Version 2.9.258
                        Windows Vista 32 Home Premium SP2
                        Google Toolbar – no issues – toolbars locked is checked
                        SiteAdvisor Browser Helper Object (BHO) is enabled
                        SiteAdvisor Toolbar is enabled
                        'SiteAdv.exe' and 'SAService.exe' do not show up in the processes tab, Task Manager
                        SiteAdvisor is running in Services.

                        Please Help
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