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    Safeboot and WinPE 2.1


      How do I get Safeboot to work with WinPE 2.1? I have the BartPE solution but that is based on earlier versions of WinPE. In my environment we use WinPE 2.1 because it is much more flexible, allowing hot-swapping of USB devices, cd/dvd, and better network compatibility. The problem is that WinPE 2.1 loads drivers in a completely different way than WinPE 1.x ~ 2005.

      Is it possible for you guys to create an .inf for the Safeboot disk driver for SafeTech, or maybe create an installer package for WinPE 2.1?

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          it's possible, but unlikely as we don't use winpe for anything here.

          all the info you need is in the BartPE plugin though - it should be pretty easy to do if you are familier with WinPE2.1

          I don't think it can be done with an inf - that's more for device drivers. EEPC is a disk filter driver, something very different. You also need to install some services to go along with it.
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            Well, I'm not an expert on WinPE 2.1, but I do know how to create custom discs and adding device drivers. I must admit that I do not know how to use EEPC, and don't know what services need to go along with it. As for the BartPE plugin, are you saying that I can use that on WinPE 2.1 as well? How? Or, where can I get guidance to do this? Please, if you have a way, I would appreciate a little more help/direction.

            Also, why the unlikeliness/reluctance of building a WinPE 2.1 solution? BartPE hasn't been updated in over 3 years, and built on top of older technology (XP).

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              as I say, it's not a technology we use in house - WinPE isn't a fixed environment, it's a tool to do other things.

              read through the files in the BartPE plugin - that should tell you everything you need to know about the files/services etc.
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                Creating a disc in earlier versions of winpe is not the problem - those, like bartpe, use xp as the source and actually quite easy to make. WinPE 2.1 uses the vista kernel, and this loads drivers differently. Believe me, I wouldn't be hassling unless I was really stuck. There are no instructions or documentation that I could locate for the BartPE plugin.
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                  take a look at the files of the plugin itself - that should be all you need.

                  surely you just need to mount the image, copy the files in, load the system hive into regedit, import the settings from the appropriate reg file for Vista, and commit the image?