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    Server 2003 sp2

      I have a 2003 server encrypted with SB 4.1 (this was done years ago). Recently, SP2 was installed. After the server was rebooted, SB PBA comes up. The user logged onto SB. After logging on, this message comes up:

      Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: System32\drivers\safeboot.sys
      You can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original setup cd-rom. Select "R"at first screen to start repair.

      I'm not very familiar with SB 4.1. Should I just remove SB? Will windows operate normally once I remove SB? Is there another solution?

      Any help would be great.
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          1. don't tinker!

          2. call your IT department and get them to resolve this.

          No, you can't repair the machine - it's encrypted. Your repair CD won't work.

          The problem is someone/thing removed safeboot.sys from the system32/drivers directory - it's essential. Unfortunately all the clever repair software does not support 4.1 (that version is at least 5 years old) - your only option is to do a disaster recovery decrypt of the drive, then do something sneaky like rename serial.sys to safeboot.sys to get the machine to boot again.
          • 2. Sb 4.1
            So my Safetech 4.1 disk WILL work?

            Also, how can I rename serial.sys to safeboot.sys? Is there a special tool to use?

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              once the disk is decrypted, use the recovery console to make a copy of serial.sys called SafeBoot.sys

              then you won't get the file not found message.

              not sure what this 4.1 disk you talk about is? SafeBoot 4.1 was shipped on CD's? You're going to need your IT department to help you out with a SafeTech disk for your machine.

              again, don't tinker or you'll loose all your data - get someone who's been through the SafeTech training to help you out.

              You could try calling McAfee support, but as 4.1 was discontinued a long while ago you might be out of luck.