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    Build 5502: e0040004 on Client

      Hello there,

      we've got two laptops which have been deployed via image.
      EEPC now synchronizes after its initial deployment, but one machine keeps giving an error about being unable to create a host file.
      Searching the web gave me the hint to check for a compressed drive, but it isn't compressed.

      Changing the machine's name also didn't help... could it be the SSID or something?
      What would you do about this issue?

      Kind regards!
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          Was the endpoint encryption client part of the image or added after imaging process.
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            EE was installed afterwards.
            The image is used to generally deploy the machines, before they receive user specific software.
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              I'd check the console for the machine and force a sync there. If the client is still in a non encrypted state, you can delete the machine from console and try a sync from client. If that doesn't work, open up cmd and navigate to the safeboot install directory and run sbsetup.exe /uninstall. Delete client from console and try another install after reboot.
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                Ok, thanks for your advice.

                Here's what we've done:
                Forced a sync from the console, no change.
                Deleted the Machine entry, synched from the client, client then stated object not found in database, but created no new entries.
                Uninstalled the client, reset the MBR manually via the XP recovery console, rebooted.

                We even created a new install set, installed it on the client, but the new machine entry in the database has the original computername from the image deployment.
                The names are like "xyz-test" and are changed immediately after the image deployment succeeded to prevent double names in the network, but this single computer is still created with its old name in the EE database, e.g. "xyz-test.0001".

                PBA behavior has changed though. We can now enter a username and password, but after authentication the screen goes black and leaves only a cursor to be seen.

                So we reset the MBR again, booted up the machine, synched and it THEN created another machine entry with the CORRECT name, no errors in the log.

                The newly installed PBA still freezes after authenticating though.
                The machine additionally has eToken drivers, "always enable USB support" was ON, is now OFF, still freezes.
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                  A few things you can try. I have a lenovo widescreen t61 that does the same thing. If you wait a minute or 2, it boots. We are also using eToken logon via smart cards. I switched from a wide screen t61 to a regular screen and it boots fine. Can't explain it other than possible bios differences.

                  I would start by disabling usb support in the bios.

                  You can also try setting sata to compat. mode.
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                    Hey, we're using those machines too ;)
                    They generally work in the wide screen variant, except this one didn't boot even after x minutes.

                    The last thing we did:
                    We deactivated the option "Enable Boot Disk Compatibility", removed the PBA again, synched to get a new PBA and -> IT WORKS

                    I've heard about strange symptoms with subtly different BIOS versions in the past, could well be that this is another one.

                    So thanks again for your input, folks!

                    See you around.
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                      Disable the option always enable preboot usb support, create a new installation package and install it via that.
                      Having this options disabled doesnt mean that USB will not work, so dont worry about your eTokens too much.

                      This could cause the machine "hanging" after preboot auth.
                      Seen it numerous of times..