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    Windows 2003 Server release 2

      Does anyone know if Safeboot will support 2003 release 2?
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          what is this "SafeBoot" you speak of? :D

          seriously though, what product are you referring to?
          • 2. 2003 r2
            McAfee's knowledge base shows that under Safeboot Manager supported operating systems, 2003 r2 is not supported. Is this something that will change with a newer version of Enpoint Encryption for PC?
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              documentation says 2003 is supported for EEM, ie ALL versions of 2003.

              to be honest it doesnt matter as far as EEM is concerned as long as it's NT4SP4+ - all versions are supported. It's only an application after all.

              You can even run it under Wine if you like...

              • 4. R2
                I know functionally it will work, but is there vendor documentation saying that it will?
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                  nope. it's too specific a question. The documentation lists the minimum OS levels required, otherwise the list would go on forever.

                  We don't mention XP service packs, 2000 service packs etc, hotfixes unless they are required (which they are not).