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    Can't mount/restore safeboot partition


      I have a notebook (HP 8730w) with MS Vista Enterprise 64-bit and HP ProtectTools on it via which I've enabled Drive Encryption (SafeBoot).

      I have two Partitions (System and Data Volume). Both Volumes were encrypted. Shortly my system crashed and i reinstalled it. I generated a HpDriveEncryptionBackup.dat File in the beginning so i thought i can recover the encryted drive without Problems. The system volume were formatted at the reinstall but the data volume is still encryted and is displayed unformatted.

      HP Support is not really competent...they only say in a broken german (Callcenter in East Europe i think): "you have no possibility to recover" :eek:

      Now i tried with the wintech plugin for bartPE and booted up the cd. First steps look good. I can insert the HpDriveEncryptionBackup.dat and everything is ok but i can't mount the drive. There is something with authorise but i don't know from where i can get the key.
      SafeBoot not exist anymore and mcaffee support need a grant number or something.

      Can help someone??

      Thx Ruler
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          I think you are running the standalone version from SafeBoot which came with your HP machine.
          This one isnt centrally managed, so we can hardly do any suggestions upon this..

          I have no clue to be honest, but I bet that you can try to use that .dat file in SafeTech / WinTech (that bootable BartPE CD) to authenticate, there's an option for authenticating via some kind of HP thing.. You can most-likely load the .dat file in there, and after that browse your HD with the A43 File manager utility..

          Note that this product isn't from Safeboot, more than it is from HP..
          So HP should actually be able to help you afaik..

          Hope this helps atleast a bit,
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            Yeah i know that HP is the first contact but is hard to get a person who understand what i'm talking about if you know what i mean.
            Whatever...it is definitely encrypted with SafeBoot cause the Logo SafeBoot appear in the Boot Procedure. :-)

            If I start the Program (SafeTech for Windows) after booting BartPE from CD is the first window "Enter Authorisation Code".
            Is this Code needed for Mounting the Drive?
            I cancel this window and I can work in the Program. I can click on SafeBoot and choose Authenticate from HP Recovery File....so there is a extra Button for this HP Files...

            I load the HpDriveEncryptionBackup.dat and in the Status Bar appear "Authenticated" but "not authorised" so i'm not sure if i need a code.
            After this i cant click on Disk-> Mount Drive and choose the Drive which normally seems unformatted in the Win Explorer but nothing happens after this step. I still can't open the encrypted partition.

            If I click on Info is there following Version Info:

            SBWinTech Ver.
            Copyright 1991-2007 SafeBoot N.V.

            Maybe i need another Tool? Is it possible to get it somewhere?? Is it not possible to mount such a volume in vista directly with some "special tools"??
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              Excellent! Code works......i try and report. I have to remove the drive from my notebook an put it on my recovery machine wink
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                Unfortunately it doesnt't work. I formatted the drive now after some days of trials without result.
                Thx for your Help guys.