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    Safeboot 4.2 PlugIn for BartPE ?

      Hello Safeboot Support Team,

      I have Safeboot 4.2 installed on my Dell D610 Laptop. Unfortunately my harddrive crashed and I can't boot Windows XP anymore. After the Safeboot Password Screen and Windows Password Screen the computer just boots forever without reaching an end. I don't think the whole harddisk is damaged, just some sectors which are accessed during the Windows Boot Sequence
      What I'm basically looking for is a method to access my harddrive without booting windows in order to safe as much data as possible.
      I've found a Safeboot 5.1 PlugIn for BartPE, however this does not work because I have Safeboot 4.2 installed (I have tried it). Is there something like a Safeboot 4.2 PlugIn for BartPE?
      Do you know of any other method of accessing my harddrive and save my data ? Since it's my own computer I have obviously the Safeboot Password.

      thanks and best regards, Roland
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          your IT team will have the plugin for v4.2 in the tools directory of our distribution CD. They will be able to get the information off the machine for you.

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            Thanks for the answer but knowing my suspicious company I will not try that.

            I had another idea: Safeboot 4.2 gives you the option of Booting from Floopy Disk: I installed a Boot Manager on the Floopy which allowed me in turn to boot BartPe from CD. It worked well at the beginningm starting to boot BartPe, however then I got a boot error due to some problems with the acpiec.sys file. There is no problem in booting BartPe without authenticating to Safeboot first.

            There is still the way of loading a DOS from Floppy and with that way I can access my damaged harddrive, however it is painful due to the 8+3 Limitation in DOS.

            thanks a lot anyway, Roland
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              yup. I expect you got an "inaccessible boot device" error - because your BartPE CD doesn't have the drivers for the encrypted drive installed.
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                Hi SafeBoot,

                i am sort of having the same problem, i created a BartPE CD with SafeBoot Support, and a boot manager floppy, after i authanticate in safeboot, the boot manager starts, and i choose to boot from CDROM but it does not boot, the CDROM Spins about three times and then there is no responsse at all from the pc,

                i have tested the following and is fine:

                1 - the cd boots on its own
                2 - if i boot from the floppy with boot manager then CDROM it works

                Can you Help?

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                  Not sure why you are using a floppy at all - just use WinTech after booting the BartPE CD?
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                    Hi SafeBoot,

                    Thanks for your reply, i would gladly use the Wintech if i had it, in our safeBoot 4.2 installation CD i can only find a folder called SafeTech, and i have no idea how to use, i have searched the web on SafeTech to no avail... is there anywhere i can download WinTech, or find documentation on how to use SafeTech?


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                      It's in the recovery directory I believe, but you'll need a later build, 4770 for example.

                      Your helpdesk should have the distribution media, or access to it?