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    safetech disk safeboot v5


      if i want to know the safetech code how do we go about getting it


      when i do "create a safetech disk" it creates 2 files which are not bootable , the documentation seem to sugest I dont need to add any more

      many thanks for you help

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          You get the Code of the Day by calling McAfee Support. Have your grant number and customer info handy.

          Those are the only two files you need, they will make the disk bootable. I've never tried with a floppy (but it's supposed to work), but I've created many USB keys this way.

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            The SafeTech disk creation should indeed only write two files to the disk (v5 atleast).
            One of these files contains a small OS which will load the safetech app, hence you will only see two small files on the disk / usb drive instead, rather than a bunch of files as you had in v4..

            In addition -- yes, you can use either a floppy or a USB drive (latter will only go for v5).

            An alternative method for creating the disk, in the situation that you can not connect your USB drive to your safeboot server, is to copy the 2 files (safetech.rtb and bootdisk.exe) from the SbAdmin/SafeTech dir on your server to your local machine, and execute it locally by the dos prompt:

            bootdisk.exe safetech.rtb f: (assuming that your f: drive is your usb drive).

            In the case that the OS doesnt boot from the USB drive, it might very well be that the USB drive itself can not be made bootable unfortunately.. This goes beyond the scopes of SafeTech.
            Suggestible then is to use a floppy.
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              cheers guys

              didnt work on my usb stick but worked fine on a vitual floppy which I boot to
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                ha now i thought that was to easy

                does any one have the phone number for Mcafee support uk ?
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                  00800 12 255 624.

                  Keep your grantnumber ready wink