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    Error 0x5b030003


      I try to remove a safeboot from a machine with problems with the disk but when I try the “Values From Disk” in safeteck application this error appears “Error 0x5b030003”
      It is possible to recovery some data from this disk??

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          Sorry, I forgot to tell that version is safeboot 4.2 with sp1
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            There's a good chance that the disk partition information has been corrupted, which usually results in being unable to find stuff such as the safeboot filesystem in order to authenticate.

            If, and only if the machine has been fully encrypted, you can choose to authenticate from database (values from db), and select remove SafeBoot.

            Ensure a power cable isnt connected, as otherwise a powerfailure might give even more issues.
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              Hi there,

              Just to jump onboard here....I'm getting the same error on an IBM T43 laptop.
              The laptop is bluescreening on boot so I called the support to remove the encyrption.
              All was going well, 10% into the removal, when the laptop decides to go into sleep mode :eek:

              I fire up from the usb floppy and it offers to contunue with the removal.
              Now, I have a problem. It's looking for database file (*.SDB) which isn't on the floppy?

              If I try "Values from Disk" I get error "Unknown error 0x5b030003" (rc=0x5b030003)

              Is there anything I can do? Do I need to copy a SDB file from the server and onto the floppy?? :confused:

              Safeboot 4.2 I believe.

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                yes - put the >CORRECT< sdb file for this machine on the floppy.

                or, call support - that's what they are there for.
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                  Ok thanks.
                  Looks like the floppy was write protected so I guess it couldn't write a *.SDB file on the first run?

                  I'll get admin to logon to server & see if he can export that file.

                  Haven't got time to ring support I'm afraid as it takes too long to get to speak to someone.

                  Wish me luck!! happy