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    Safeboot client communication issue


      Running build 5130.

      We have a newly Safebooted machine which connected to the server this AM, downloaded user updates etc all ok.

      Then this pm the server fails to connect to it if we do a force sync. We get 0x5c020008 "unable to authenticate user" on the console.

      If we do a sync from the client end it doesnt show any errors in the client status window.

      Curiously if I make a change to a user on the console then do do a synchonise from the client that change is replicated on the client.

      Any help greatly appreciated.
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          When forcing a sync from the server, you are using a different port (5556) rather than the normal (5555) when syncing from the client.

          It could be possible that the port is not open. It could also be possible that in your machine settings under Sync you have the option to enable force sync disabled.
          • 2. Solved it !
            Somehow we'd managed to create a duplicate machine name & the original one was no longer syncing. Deleted original one & all ok now. Thanks.