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    Chinese support in Preboot

      Dear all,
      shortly I started pilot installations of SafeBoot in Taiwan and Japan, to prepare a big rollout in the AP area. A colleague from Taipeh reported a problem that he is not able to choose from keyboard and language other than English. It is assured that the SB filegroups associated to this device include the support for chinese. We checked the sbclientlog.txt to find any issues with the synchronization, but weren't any - all files synced to the device without error. McAfee support provided advice to use the 110 "CJK" theme for preboot, but this didn't help either!
      Sadly I'm not able to post here the screenshots my colleague took, but they really show empty dialogs in preboot and fully populated chinese SafeBoot dialogs in Windows (SafeBoot status window). We are currently running SBDE (MEE) 5.1.5 on Windows XP MUI with chinese language support.

      Any ideas what else we could try or check ?
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          likely that someone changed themes AFTER applying the language packs, thus removing them.

          go to the file groups for the languages, find the local.ini file in each and press apply a couple of times to get it sent back to the users. It should then add the menu entries.

          you might also want to post the locale.ini file from one of the affected clients (c:\program files\safeboot\locale\locale.ini" if I remember right)

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            You have been absolutely right - I checked the locale.ini of this device: no entries for chinese language and keyboard! So I checked the fileset for chinese language support and found 2 (two) locale.ini files in it. One was a "merge-ini" and the other a "plain-ini"- must have been a result of an older upgrade. I deleted the older "plain-ini" entry after checking the contents and clicked several times on the Apply button on the other one. Then I asked my colleague in Taiwan to sync his device and it worked. The dialogs are populated with the correct entries and also Chinese language can be used.

            Nevertheless another problem popped up - he then also switched his MUI Windows XP environment to Chinese and when he now tries to open the SafeBoot status from the tray, he receives an error (screenshots available, but cannot post them here). It works fine when he switches back to English.
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              the error in Windows will be because the .lng files in your database are from a different version of the client.

              You need both to be the same version
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                Do you probably have a hint for me how can find out the version of the file(s) in the filegroup and if necessary how to update/create the filegroup for the right version ?
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                  all I can suggest is you check that the files are the ones from your distribution.

                  they are in the :

                  "Endpoint Encryption Suite B5500\Endpoint Encryption\Language\0004.DEClient"

                  path on the CD - copy the .LNG files from this directory into the


                  folders on one of your affected machines and the crash when you look at the status should go away (if indeed it's the same version client/language).

                  If you have problems, send me an email and I'll return the reference set off the latest CD which should be good for all v5 versions.

                  Note, we only have translations in Windows for Traditional Chinese, not simplified (though we have both for preboot). If you are interested in the simplified I can send you the dictionary file and we can do the translation together. We've simply never had a strong demand for it before.
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                    I created a ticket - McAfee knows about this problem! They recommend to upgrade to the latest build 5502, but this can't be easily done in my environment. So they provided an update for the Chinese language filegroup. After updating and applying these files to the client(s) the status display worked without error. happy