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    Users per group in MEE

      Other than the group taking a long time to open... is there any negatives to having like 8000 users per group?

      One server running 5.1.7 with 12 user groups... the largest one having 8000 users in it. Any negatives?

      We are only syncing down the user who is using the laptop to the machine .... not the entire 8000 users to one machine.
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          If you disable Windows' file search index and enable SB's DB name index... this will speed up a bit...
          if you do not have a script to assign users to the machine... you will be forced to open that 8000 user group... this will be mangement nightmare... sometimes it's convenient to open the user group and do a drag and drop to assign user...

          I try to keep my user group size under 1000...
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            Yes normally i try to keep em under 1k also but this scenario is a little different and yes we do have a script to assign users to machines so we rarely would have to open the groups up.
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              as your groups get bigger, group operations take longer, and thus you're more likely to experience orphans.

              if you have a fast server though, and don't modify the group much it will be ok. It's way above our reccomendation for a typical environment though.