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    autodomain question

      I am trying to use the Autodomain script in a test environment.

      The autodomain.ini file that you have to edit has a place where you can specify the domain you are looking for. I put in my domain as corp.xyz.com but it didnt find any of the domain users who i had logged in with and who have a profile on the machine.

      Am i doing something wrong here? The script runs fine, it just doesnt seem to add the usernames (sAMAccount) of the users who have a profile on the machine.
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          Ok after looking at the script in motion and the log files... i have fixed part of the problem. The API 5.1.7 was not supported in the version that i have so i added this API to the script so now it passes the check.

          The script works and it pulls the users it is supposed too pull and associates them with the machine.

          However, it does NOT do this on the initial install of MEE... i set the scriptrunner.exe as a post install helper exe and when i run the install set with all the proper file sets attached too it i get this:

          5:51:49 AM: START! Version 3.1
          5:51:49 AM: Please wait while I add everyone who has used your machine to the list of users who can login to SafeBoot.

          I'm going to add them if they seem to be members of the following domain(s) CORP.xyz.com,MWILKELT

          This might take several minutes to complete so please be patient and please don't shut your machine down until I am finished. Once all the users are added, they will be able to login to SafeBoot with their normal SafeBoot userID and password.


          5:51:49 AM: RandomAdminUser picked user name "script01" from 1 possible accounts for this script command
          5:51:49 AM: Waiting 1 seconds before I start...
          5:51:51 AM: I tested the SafeBoot API, it's working and the version is good (
          5:51:51 AM: I'm going to use the group "FS Machines" if I have to create any machines.
          5:51:51 AM: The last good connection for this machine was not valid so I will use the default of "".
          5:51:51 AM: SafeBoot Device Encryption is not installed
          5:51:51 AM: Stopping as I can't login to the admin system!

          5:51:51 AM: You can close this window, or I'll close it for you in 10 seconds...
          5:51:51 AM: DONE

          If i reboot the machine and try to manually run the script again... everything works fine...

          I guess i can always make the script run after the first reboot. That would solve it... i was hoping i could build it into the install set and not worry about it though.
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            other people use it as you intend so I think it will be good once you fix the problem below. You might also want to get 5.09 which is deployed as an EXE - it's much more robust.

            I'm not sure the default database is correct in your ini file - it should be the >description< of the connection, not the IP address itself.

            you can get this out of sdmcfg.ini if you need to.

            again - it's the database >description< we use, not the address or dns name (they are defined elsewhere).

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              Thanks, my manager contacted Bill Kurtz about getting me the new version but no word yet. Ill keep waiting *sigh* happy
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                fix the one you have first ;-)

                I'm sure it's because someone didnt read the manual and thought the database name was the address, where in fact it's always the description.

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                  That someone was me :)

                  And yes you are right, when i put in the 'description' instead of the IP addy it worked like a charm!

                  Thanks as always for the superior support on this forum SafeBoot!
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                    You're welcome. I wish more people from the McAfee side would participate though.