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    The Archive Files were Manually Deleted....

      Hi All,

      I just spent 30 minutes of more in a Tech Chat and was left with the impression my problem was fixed. Not so true. So, I hoped maybe I could find an answer here.

      HDD with some data and my archives failed. I had (some time ago) copied a full archive to a DVD. Now, I am trying to recover the lost data from the Archive. Tech Chat told me the path for recovery must match. I had a bunch of partitions on the old drive and didn't plan on doing that again. Being XP let's me switch drive letters, I assumed I would just restore one drive at a time. Now, he also lead me to believe that I would ahve to recreate all the folder as well, can someone confirm that?

      Now, to test all this I recreate the path for one file. When I attempted to restore this file, I got a pop up with this message "An error ocurred: The archive files were manually deleted from the destination location, or the archive was stopped". I tried a few more files, but all have the same error. Am I just out of luck? Any ideas would be appreacited.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Hello TProctor


          You should be able to restore data from the old archived. the Data is stored in a folder with both the full and incremental backups.

          Each time you performed a full backup you created a new folder with all current watched files being archived.


          To restore these files all you need to do is open Data Backup and change the location that the restore section currently points too.

          By default this section points to the most current archives.


          Once you change the restore location you can review the files in the archive and either restore then all or select a specific file.


          There are many articles published on our support web page the cover Data Backup and Restore.



          This one should help you understand the archive file names and structure. TS100586



          I checked for other FAQ on restoring files and found that it needed updating, The information is available in the help files however I have updated the article.

          A new version should be posted soon. TS100182