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    Back-up and Restore will not start- but still tries to back-up files

      I am a new user to Back-up and Restore. My initial attempt to start it up resulted in an error stating that the program could not use the CD I was using- Some sort of formatting error. I tried to close out of it. At that point, the “Restore” function no longer loaded. I decided to use another back-up method. A few days later, I noticed that McAfee Back-up was prompting me to allow it to do a back-up anyway. I could not turn it off because the program would not load. I finally found a place that said that “Backup” was set to do backups as scheduled, and it allowed me to turn this function off. The thing is, it still runs a backup- even though the function switch is off, and no program loads for me to change the settings.

      How do I turn this off if the Backup function does not load to a separate window as it still claims it is doing?