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    How to recover data?

      Hi sorry if this is a silly question but I've lost my laptop data, the hard drive is dead.

      I have a back up CD and I have a new copy of McAfee Total Protection Internet Suite, I have opened the backup recovery window. However how do I recover the data from my CD? I've copied the archive to my (new) laptop and we have tried the following:

      - In the RH side panel, pointed at Missing Files, Browse, have tried to point it at the archive which is
      C:\Recovery In Progress\CD Backup\010108_12-25-47I

      However it gives an error message stating

      "You specifice an invalid location. Specify the archive folder that was created in the archive location. For example, 070207_21-17-03F is an archive folder created in the archive location."

      However I'm pretty sure that is exactly what we're doing.

      Please advise.

      Thank you