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    Lost archive option

      I am relatively new to the McAfee products. I have Virus Scan Plus for 3 computers, and am currently using one laptop (with Vista). Yesterday, I had a problem with turning the computer on, and when I had finally been able to turn the thing on, I had to uninstall and then reinstall my McAfee stuff. Before that I had been using the archive option because my wife is going to college thru an online school, and she wants to keep her papers. Anyway, once I had finished reinstalling the Virus Scan programs, I noticed that I can't find the backup-restore option that lets me archive. Can anyone help me?:confused:
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          Data Backup is part of Internet Security Suite and Total Protection only. Starting with the 2010 product it will no longer be included in any of the packages.

          Where did you download from? If you downloaded either of the above you should already have it.

          As an exercise, double-click the taskbar icon to open Security Center, then click "About" at the lower right-hand corner and post back here with the various applications and their version numbers please. You may have to scroll down the interface to catch them all.