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    DVD Backup not using entire disk

      When using McAfee backup, I was impressed with how easy it was to set up and start the backup process.

      However, as I let it run, it is only using less than 1/2 of the space on the DVD-R disks. If I look at the disk in My Computer, it shows one large 1.8gb data file with a long random file name in a sub-directory, and an Index200609_08-11-58.arb file that is about 336kb in the top level.

      I'm trying to back up about 18GB of various data files, using the "enable compression" option, but not encryption.

      My only guess is that the software is copying 4gb +/- of data to a temp location, then compressing it, then writing that output file to the disk.

      Is there any way to get the program to use the entire 4.7gb? I will try turning off compression to see if that makes a difference.
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          I have same/similar problem. Using McAfee Toral Return 2009 w/ McAfee Backup. McAfee BackUp only fills my DVD+R to about the fill level of a CD ~680MB and then kicks out the DVD and asks for a blank disk to be inserted. If I use a CD, if fills the CD-R completely. I am trying a CD-RW now to see how it is handled. I know there are better programs for backing up, but McAfee BackUp is convenient. Also best to use DVD+/-RW since can be written over as archive changes. However, I don't happen to have one on hand. I don't think that will matter for this problem. This problem is one with the McAfee software program.

          It appears that McAfee BackUp does not recognize the difference between a CD and a DVD. I spent an hour on McAfee's support chat with no help. The rep just wanted to look at my desk top and cruise my desktop with very long pauses between actions. He must have had to go to the bathroom a lot!! grin Still no feed back form McAfee support. I think they are in some hole-in-the-wall location and don't communicate with the real world.

          They wanted to call me later that night - it was already 10:30 PM. I told them I don't take phone calls and to email me at least ten times. It didn't sink in that I don't take phone calls. I got a phone call early the next morning. I told them again to email me. I thought McAfee was better than Dell! :D

          I bet I never hear from them with any resolution.
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            First of all, it is a gross waste of materials & money to use non-rewritable discs for this purpose. Far better us DVD-RW or an external drive.

            It's the weekend and no technical staff are manning these forums I'm afraid. Best to contact Technical Support Chat directly via the link at top left of this page or in my signature. It's free and they are open 24/7. You may just hit the right person and you can always ask for it to be escalated to a higher level.

            Are you sure the media are partly empty? As Backup & Restore encrypts as well as compresses the files there may be hidden data associated with those processes on the media. Try enabling "Show Hidden Files and Folders" under Windows Explorer Tools/Folder Options/View, and maybe even try enabling the hidden system files option, just to check my theory. Also I would imagine that storing such files entails using at least enough space to decrypt/expand them in case it's needed. In that respect I doubt the software knows the difference between removable media and a hard drive.

            I don't use that backup software so am only surmising.

            Try the above and if no luck I'll make it a subject for our Monday afternoon conference call with McAfee brass.
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              Thanks Ex_Brit. Agree on non-rewritable disks. Many freebee non-rewritables on hand and no DVD+-RW discs. Probably get some soon.

              You can look at the backside of the DVD and tell how much of the disk is used by the physical difference in the disk as it fills from hub to outside. These DVD disks only show about one-half (1/2) inch used. Disk properties only show partial fill by Used Space bytes compared to capacity and zero Free Space bytes. Also shown by Roxio Disk Information to be the same. I have not closed the disk, apparently the McAfee BackUp program did after several backups to the DVD.

              ". . . if no luck I'll make it a subject for our Monday afternoon conference call with McAfee brass." PLEASE DO. You may want to refer to my Chat with McAfee Tier 2 Support: ChatLog 96118587 from Service Request # 343876565. I still have NO email from them about the issue.
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                Will add this to our call agenda then, thanks and good luck.