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    Incomplete Data Restore

      I was recently forced to replace a hard drive but I felt fortunate that I had used McAfee to back up important files about 3 weeks earlier. I have reinstalled XP Home Edition, McAfee and the other software but McAfee has been unable to restore my personal data. The archive resides on 2 DVDs and was compressed but not encrypted (I think). The "Missing Files" tab in McAfee "Backup and Restore" lists numerous files from a single path on the old drive, but no files referenced to other directories. I can select "Restore All" and McAfee will decompress the files and begin writing them to the hard drive. However, after a few files are written the process stops and a warning stating "DESTINATION MEDIA IS MISSING VERIFY THE MEDIA AND THEN START RESTORING AGAIN" appears. Restarting the process eventually leads to the same result.

      Why can't I see all of my files and why is the program stopping? The versions of McAfee that were used to create and install the archive were downloaded within a month of each other (Build 3.3.102). I would be glad to move files individually from the DVDs if I could see the individual files, but they are compressed.