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    Questions about backup

      I'm doing a full archive for the first time, and it's taken many, many hours to compress and encrypt. My "My Documents" folder is about 60 GB.
      1) The next time it does a scheduled full archive, does it go through the same loooooong process?
      2) Does it fill up my backup HD by doing a huge archive when it backs up each week? Do I need to save old archives, which would seem to be redundant?
      3) The setting page wouldn't let me save a change to the time of day it does the weekly archive. It insists on Mondays at 9 a.m. How can I get it to let me change this to the middle of the night?
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          Peter M
          You might want to consult the User Guide on the best way of using Data Backup. It sounds like it's set by default to first do a full archive, then only quick ones after that. I don't use it myself but that's what I gather from the UG.

          Page 167 onwards: http://download.mcafee.com/products/manuals/en-us/MTP_userguide_2009.pdf


          Running full and quick archives
          You can run two types of archive: full or quick. When you run a
          full archive, you archive a complete set of data based on the
          watch file types and locations that you have set up. When you run
          a quick archive, you archive only those watched files that have
          changed since the last full or quick archive.
          By default, Backup and Restore is scheduled to run a full archive
          of the watch file types in your watch locations every Monday at
          9:00 a.m and a quick archive every 48 hours after the last full or
          quick archive. This schedule ensures that a current archive of
          your files is maintained at all times. However, if you do not want
          to archive every 48 hours, you can adjust the schedule to suit your
          If you want to archive the contents of your watch locations on
          demand, you can do so at any time. For example, if you modify a
          file and want to archive it, but Backup and Restore is not
          scheduled to run a full or quick archive for another few hours,
          you can archive the files manually. When you archive files
          manually, the interval that you set for automatic archives is reset.
          You can also interrupt an automatic or manual archive if it occurs
          at an inappropriate time. For example, if you are performing a
          resource-intensive task and an automatic archive starts, you can
          stop it. When you stop an automatic archive, the interval that you
          set for automatic archives is reset.
          Schedule automatic archives
          You can set the frequency of full and quick archives to ensure that
          your data is always protected.
          1 Open the Local Archive Settings dialog box.
          1. Click the Local Archive tab.
          2. In the left pane, click Settings.
          2 Click General.
          3 To run a full archive each day, week, or month, click one of
          the following under Full archive Every:

          • Day
          • Week
          • Month

          4 Select the check box beside the day on which you want to run
          the full archive.
          5 Click a value in the At list to specify the time at which you
          want to run the full archive.
          6 To run a quick archive on a daily or hourly basis, click one of
          the following under Quick Archive:

          • Hours
          • Days

          7 Type a number representing the frequency in the Quick
          archive Every box.
          8 Click OK.
          Note: You can disable a scheduled archive by selecting Manual
          under Full Archive Every.
          Interrupt an automatic archive
          Backup and Restore automatically archives the files and folders in
          your watch locations according to the schedule that you define.
          However, if an automatic archive is in progress and you want to
          interrupt it, you can do so at any time.
          1 In the left pane, click Stop Archiving.
          2 In the confirmation dialog box, click Yes.
          Note: The Stop Archiving link only appears when an archive is
          in progress.
          Run archives manually
          Although automatic archives run according to a predefined
          schedule, you can run a quick or full archive manually at any
          time. A quick archive archives only those files that have changed
          since the last full or quick archive. A full archive archives the
          watch file types in all watch locations.
          1 Click the Local Archive tab.
          2 Do one of the following:

          • To run a quick archive, click Quick Archive in the left pane.
          • To run a full archive, click Full Archive in the left pane.

          3 In the Start Archiving dialog box, verify your storage space
          and settings, and then click Continue.

          • 2. ...and question 2)
            Hi Ex-Brit
            You don't seem to have answered part 2 of the original question - do successive backup files quickly fill all available backup space. This is basically the same one I've been hoping for an answer to for a while now in a thread about multiple backup files.
            Please excuse a couple of not very related things - wouldn't it be nice to post this reply to a new window so as to have access to the item(s) I'm replying to - ...and if EX-brit, what have you become? Just being snoopy.
            Finally - thanks for the pointer you provided - v helpful.
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              Peter M
              I have no idea regarding how quickly free space would fill up. Backup software usually works by overwriting existing files and folders with newer copies thereof, so I would imagine a lot depends on your setup and how much data you have.

              Ex_Brit because although born there I'm now living here in Canada. Have both passports so not really an Ex_Brit at all.
              • 4. Lots of backup files
                For info - here's what I said in the "Multiple Backup Files" thread. I think it shows that there is a real potential problem that needs a strategy.
                "My first backup file id is 150708_19-49-05F and it is the first of 34. I am set up to archive weekly but some weeks I've been away etc. so the total is a tad short of one a week. Like Michaellandis, I can't believe I need all of these and they are quickly using up space on my backup network drive. What can I remove and how? I'd hate to do some simple deletions of everything older, for example, than six months only to find that the whole system crumbles."
                Thanks for the instant answer to the last post.
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                  Peter M
                  I'm going to have to flag this for someone with Backup to answer. Your alternate is Technical Support Chat linked at top left of this page or in my signature.
                  • 6. RE: Lots of backup files
                    Peter M
                    Basically the amount of space taken up depends on what settings you have. If it's set to do a complete backup each time then it will (or should) replace current backups, but as it's a relatively new product none of us have any idea what it actually does.

                    I suggest contacting Technical Support Chat.
                    • 7. Rational use of backup
                      Hi Nozer
                      I think you need to look into what you want out of backup. If you're trying to keep a restorable copy of your My Documents folder, then how much of it actually changes in the course of a day/a week/a month? My guess would be that almost none of it actually CHANGES but you ADD new items to it fairly regularly. Hence what you need is one, or at most two copies of the old stuff and add-on copies of the newer stuff as it arrives. This leads to using Full Archive as infrequently as you can but running Quick Archive regularly to pick up that new stuff. This would minimise the actual time and space you need.
                      The question then is how to do this. Set your Full Archive to Monthly and your Quick Archive to Daily or even Hourly depending on your degree of paranoia about the possibility of losing new stuff. If it were possible, you could use an even longer interval between Full Archives but this is not available.
                      There are two more points to watch out for. In theory you should be able to delete out of date and unwanted archive files but I can't be sure about this until support come back to ME with info about this. Second, I can't change the Full Archive frequency change from Weekly nor can I change the time from 9:00 AM on Monday: any change produces an error and the parameters revert to the originals!!!
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                        Peter M
                        As it's the weekend and noone is around I still suggest contacting Technical Support Chat or the User Guide: http://download.mcafee.com/products/manuals/en-us/MTP_userguide_2009.pdf page 167 onwards.
                        • 9. Weekend etc.
                          Hi Peter
                          You're infinitely more a professional than I am these days so why aren't you taking YOUR weekend off? I'm retired. I can play around with these things on a Sunday while my wife is watching Ratatouille.
                          Thanks again for your prompt response but let me point out that I'm signalling a BUG which I suspect needs an answer from the testing team if not development.
                          When I try to change the details for the Full Archive frequency, I get a message that says "Can't save the frequency for Full Archive. Please restart McAfee Data Backup to continue." So I close and restart it and I get exactly the same response! (I can't get back into Settings without first closing Data Backup, hence close it first.)
                          Incidentally, the UG gives me almost word for word the same details as Help which I have now read through 3 times so I'm not a lot wiser.
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