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    No backup of .docx and .xlsx file types from Office 2007

      I recently had my laptop stollen and was confident in the fact that all my files had been safely backup up using McAfee backup. However, all the files that were created since I upgraded to MS Office 2007 created with the file extension .xlsx and .docx are missing. Is this for real or is it just me. Have I really lost all the files I made using Office 2007. Please help me. The files must be there I am just no seeing them.
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          After talking with the tech support for about 45 minutes they showed me the solution. Unfortunatly my files are lost to the theives. Under settings -> file types the .docx and .xlsx file types were not checked so the backup did not pickup these files. So I have lost everything that was made since I started using Office 2007. Let this be a warning to everyone. Your data may not be safe even with McAfee backup. I hope that someone can raise this issue with whoever is designing this program.
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            That's too bad Opie, but thanks for posting anyway & good luck. Can we close this thread now?
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              I guess you can close it. Unless you can track down my computer with some part of McAfee.
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                I wish it were possible. There've been a few occasions when the same thing has happened to me.

                Duly locked.