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    Trouble changing frequency of archives

      When I try to change the frequency of archiving from the default, I get a message, "Unable to save the frequency of full archives. Restart McAfee data backup to continue." I got on the chat line with a tech who suggested that I uninstall Data Backup and then reinstall it. While I was able to uninstall just data backup, I had trouble reinstalling just data bacup. I had to go back and uninstall the whole package and then reinstall that. Results: Still can't change frequence of full archives. Any help?
        • 1. unable to save frequency as well

          I've got the same problem on a brand new McAfee backup installation.

          There doesn't seem to be any way to stop/start this pgm as it requests.
          • 2. RE: unable to save frequency as well

            Please try the following steps:

            1. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\MBK.
            2. Delete the content of the folder.
            3. Re-boot the system.

            Let us know if this works…..
            • 3. still fails

              sorry, no luck - exactly the same symptoms as before.
              • 4. No go on directory deletion

                not only did i delete the content of the above quoted directory, but other similar directories in the admin and other user folders.
                • 5. Me Too
                  Hi pac_ga - but did it work? You don't say.
                  I've passed this on to online support as well as in a different thread here and I have an open ticket on the problem but no news as yet. I'll report back when I have any new info.
                  • 6. Same problem
                    I am having the exact same issues. Just installed McAfee on 5 computers. Don't really want to reinstall because this is the Network managing PC. I have tried clearing out the MBK folder and rebooting. All I really want to do is change the full backup time of day from the default 9 AM to something more practical like 2 AM. I tried the same change on the other 4 computers and got the same warning to restart the backup program. I even looked at all mbackup references in regedit but found nothing obviously related to 9 AM enough to risk messing with.

                    I see a 5 month gap in response to this question. Sorry but that is not encouraging.
                    • 7. Really an Issue
                      Hi Ric
                      As well as posting to this thread I have notified the online chat representative about this one although I have little or no confidence that he took it in. I started with another question and, although that eventually got an answer, I think this one may just have dropped into the nearest black hole.
                      Even though I'm not very happy about using it, I think you should also try online chat as the forum obviously does nothing for us. Who knows, if we bring it up often enough on chat it might get reported.
                      • 8. RE: Really an Issue
                        Vinod R

                        Are you using a Comcast version of McAfee?
                        • 9. Errrr???
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