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    Network drive needs password

      I found a similar post but it was moved to a different location which I don't believe exists any more so I'll re-post. Whenever I try to assign a network drive as the backup destination, it asks for a user name and password. There is no login or password required for this drive. I've tried two different networked drives. There is no VPN or anything else special. Just my home network.
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          McAfee Data Backup is asking for the log-in credentials of the destination machine. Please try entering the credentials of the machine where you are trying to backup.

          Please let us know if you have created a domain in the home network.:)

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            Thanks for the reply. I actually have a couple of stand alone network drives. One is a western digital "My book world edition". This is a stand alone drive with its own network controller. The other is an Apple "Time capsule" with a 500g harddrive built in. It is my wireless router/network storage solution for mac. I can read and write to both drives from vista and mac with no problem. When McAfee tries to write to either one, it asks for a password. I've tried all of the user logins and password combination's I have. None work. McAfee is clearly trying to establish a connection other than a regular read/write that a computer would make. I've tried mapping the drives with no success either.
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              I am having this same problem.

              I recently had to replace the hard drive in one of my networked computers (NOT my back up drive). In reconstructing my network I have come up with this problem. McAfee Back Up asks for a username and password before allowing me to store data to my back up drive. (This is a new request.)

              I have never assigned a username or password to my back up drive.

              How do I get passed this?