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    Recovery Lost File

      I have lost a file and want to restore it from archives. However, being a newbie, I have my archives on three different DVDs. :(
      The file that I want isn't on the local archives when I look. I presume that its based on the most recent archive that was done.

      How do I look for the file on the other DVDs?

      If I bought an external hard drive to use from now on, can I move all of the archive files? Would I have to restore everything and then start all over to archive?

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          You can retrieve the files that are archived to a DVD, the steps are below:

          1. Insert DVD into the drive.
          2. Go to Missing Files Section and click Browse.
          3. In Browse for Folder window, select your DVD drive and select the Archived Folder
          4. Click OK.

          This will list out all the archived files in Missing Files Section. Select the required file and Click Restore, the file will get restored to the actual location where it was before.

          Kindly let us know if it helps.:)

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            Well, I tried that but I hadn't found it and then I needed to unistall McAfee because I was loosing the war of battling updates between McAfee and Vista.

            I have now reinstalled only the Backup software and created a new full archive. Now I can't look at the previous archives. When I click o browse the pop up window will let me go to the folder level only. I'm not able to get the file level to actual look through each previous full and quick archive for the file that I am still looking for.

            Any recommendations?:eek:
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              Click Browse, select the folder where you have backed up your files and click OK. This will list out all the backed up files in "Missing Files" section. Select the required files and click "Restore", files will be restored to the location where it was residing before. happy
              • 4. Restoring files from backup
                Hi there,

                I have had to install new HDD and OS (XP Pro) and now I have a different AV installed.

                However, I want to just restore previous business backups from Macfee software.

                PLease advise on how I can just restore the files ONLY i.e. can I just install the restore functionalty as I do not want software conflict with my current AV software.