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    Backup/Restore with Vista

      It's handy hint time.

      I recently tried to restore data files backed up on an external HD from an XP system to a new system running Vista Home Premium.

      Initially the restore only brought back my personal user files, not data for other users or data extracted from the old PC's C:/programs directory.

      McAfee support told me categorically that its was not possible to restore from XP to Vista, despite the fact that I patiently explained that I had already restored over 1Gb of data!! :rolleyes:

      The answer lies in Vista's new UAC security module. Vista runs all applications with standard user privileges, but administrator status is needed to write to other users' folders and to protected folders such as C:/programs.

      The fix is to right-click on the program icon for McAfee Backup and Restore and in the Properties menu open the Compatibility tab. There you should tick the box to 'Run as Administrator'. This means that the program will run with full admin rights and be able to recreate your file structure, write to other users etc.

      This took a bit of reading-up on the Vista knowledge base to get an understanding of the new security set-up, but at least I have the satisfaction of knowing I'm now ahead of McAfee support techies on this one!

      Hope this helps other people struggling with similar issues. happy
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          Peter M
          Thanks John. I'll sticky this as an FYI for everyone.
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            First the tale of woe - I switched from Comcast to Verizon FIOS, and in the process of uninstalling the free Comcast McAfee and installing a new purchased McAfee subscription my XP operating system blew up and was not able to be restored/recovered -- even with a new hard disk. But I did have a full compressed and encrypted backup on an external hard drive. (And my Quicken file backup seperately by the Quicken program).

            I ended up buying a brand new Vista Home Premium machine, downloaded my McAfee subscription and tried to retore my back up. No go. I got an error message that indicated I was denied access to the "Documents and Settings" folder on the VISTA machine. I tried the procedure to "take ownership" of the folder I found on this website and forum, but found out that procedure is not possible for "Documents and Settings" in VISTA -- and there is no way to redirect the McAfee restore to another folder on the VISTA machine either.

            (By the way McAfee chat help was of no use)

            So I finally restored to my wife's XP laptop -- after having to "take ownership" through the safe mode procedure noted above. I then had to go through and copy folders manually to my external hard drive and then - and only then - move them to the VISTA machine.

            The bottom line is that there is no problem using Backup if you restore to the same operating system -- XP to XP or VISTA to VISTA -- but it doesn't work going from XP to VISTA. So, my advice is to just have a big external hard drive and keep your files backed up there - uncompressed and unencrypted. Or use a back up program that allows you to redirect a restore to a different folder!