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    Backup Missing over 2000 files!


      I'm having a serious problem using McAfee Data Backup. I've selected just two folders, "My Documents" and one other folder containing the manuscript and photos for a book.

      Under "settings->file types" I have ticked all the boxes.

      This is where the SERIOUS problems begin....

      1. It tells me I can't backup my OUTLOOK .pst file, I've never seen a backup program fail to do this before, WHY don't you allow backing up vital E-Mail???

      2. After doing a scan, Backup reports 7438 files and 11.2 gb of data selected to be backed up. Unfortunately, these folders ACTUALLY contain 9700 files and 12.1 GB of data!

      So if I relied on your backup program and actually needed to restore data after a crash, ALL my mail and over 2000 other files and nearly a gigabyte of data would be LOST??? This is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

      I've searched the forums and there doesn't seem to be any way to select all files for backup, or any way to find out which files have been skipped. The only fix seems to be to somehow find every file extension you are using and manually add it to the backup list, but this still doesn't fix the "no .pst backups" problem. I also found out that these problems were reported to you OVER TWO YEARS AGO in your forums and have not been addressed.

      It seems at minimum you need to:
      1. Have an "backup all files" option
      2. Start backing up the critical .pst email files
      3. Have a way to list which files are NOT being backed up so users who don't "backup all files" can see what is being missed.

      I'm sorry, but even though Comcast gives me this software for free, this problem makes McAfee data backup totally useless. Not to mention, a backup program that fails so badly to actually backup my files makes me wonder how reliable the other software in the McAfee suite is as well.

      As a software engineer and troubleshooting specialist who has been in the computer industry over 35 years, it seriously pains me to think of all the people who are using your "backup" program totally unaware of all the data they may lose.

      If I am wrong about any of this, please correct me...but if I'm right, I will make every attempt to publicize these problems with your product as widely as possible so people know to be careful about relying on your software for backups!

      securitycenter 8.1
      virusscan 12.1
      firewall 9.1
      privacy 10.1
      backup 1.2
      Windows XP SP2
        • 1. No individual files being watched.
          I've got the same issue. I just started using Data Backup and noticed the same discrepancy.

          My issue seems to be that only certain folders are being scanned for watched files.

          To troubleshoot this I decided to delete the current archive and try again. However, it seems to be worse in that it is hardly picking up any files for watching.

          Anybody know the correct way to delete an archive? I eventually went to my backup media and just removed the directory entirely, but back in the local archive, the scanner is only picking up new files.

          How do I reset/flush the scanner's database? How do I completely remove any concept of prior backups? Might help if I can do that.
          • 2. unbelievable
            I am not one who usually bags on products which don't live up to expectation: you can't always have a winner. However, McAfee Backup's design is so dangerous to the consumer that, were I on the company's Board of Directors, I would demand the immediate dismissal of the VP responsible for its release. This person and those who work for him/her seem to have no awareness whatsoever of how such a program is expected to behave in a real-world setting.

            A typical user will establish a set of watched folders and a backup schedule for those folders, and (rightfully so) assume that he is now protected in the event of a disk failure. However, only a woefully small portion of files are in fact being archived - a subset established by someone at McAfee using who knows what thread of logic. While a mechanism does exist for adding "custom" file types to the backup list, the absurdly simple wildcard option is not implemented - and McAfee's response is a stolid "You can't do that with this program."

            McAfee says you don't need to backup program files since you can restore those from the original disk. My computer contains files with over 3,000 (that's THREE THOUSAND) different extensions - at least half of which have nothing to do with system or program files. Apparently the product designers at McAfee think it is a reasonable expectation to force their users to sit for hours and add each such extension to the "custom file types" list, when the logical solution to the problem is a "watch all files" option at the folder level, or at least a wildcard mechanism in the custom files list - neither exist in this program.

            But in my opinion the really dangerous issue with this program is the way it deceives the consumer into thinking he's safe: McAfee Backup provides no intuitive way for the user to know which files are NOT being archived - that is, until it's too late and a Restore operation is attempted. So while I agree with nearly every aspect of the original poster's assessment, I disagree with one major point: McAfee Backup is not useless: it is much worse than useless - it gives the user a false sense of security which will eventually lead to disaster.

            So "Mr. VP of Backup" - could you please explain the thought process YOU approved when this product concept was released to development? Because from my perspective (as the executive vice president of a high-tech hardware developer/manufacturer) I wouldn't hire you stock the lunchroom soda machines.
            • 3. RE: unbelievable
              To the first two posters, you are better advised to approach Technical Support Chat linked at top left of the page or in my signature as there obviously no Backup specialists scanning this area. (The forum is manned by unpaid volunteers and only occasionally do McAfee technicians read these posts).

              I agree, Data Backup is not doing it's supposed job. I've always been of the opinion that if you want a lawnmower, you go to a garden store, not a grocer's shop, so for backups, I would tend to go with the tried and true backup applications that have been around for a long time.

              The last poster, you are advised to write to headquarters.

              McAfee Corporate Headquarters
              3965 Freedom Circle
              Santa Clara,
              CA 95054

              Needless to say I don't use it myself.