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    Data backup acts as if it was corrupted; working with DVD

      I am running Dell Optiplex GX280 with Windows XP Professional SP2. I have automatic updates to Windows set on.

      My Data Backup within "3-User McAfee Total Protection" does not work properly.
      I have the latest (yesterday) downloads of the product.

      Aftere data backup is activated for the very first time it works allowing me to set the backup location to E: drive (Philips DVD+-RW DVD8631), add some non-standard file extensions, selec/de-selct deep and shallow folders and even begin the backup to the DVD.

      Any of these will stop Data Backup to operate:
      - closing the program
      - finishing the first disk

      When in "corrupted" mode data backup will not:
      - see my DVD drive when selecting bacup location
      - re-scan the files
      - close
      The only way to close the program is through Task Manager.
      Interesting is that the first attempt to close causes the window to minimize.

      I have completely uninstalled, downloaded and re-installed the suite couple of times. I get the repetable results.

      McAfee Virtual Technician reports "No problems" and a non-profesional peek into the logs show that everything is present and in good shape.

      I used to run McAfee VirusScan Plus. I have purchased Total Protection only because it includes Data Backup.