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    New Backup

      I went to the school for the technologically declined and have a (possibly stupid) question for you guys.

      I have just attempted to do a backup of files to a USB stick. Using SecurityCenter V8.1 Build 8.1.173 I attempted to do my first ever backup. I was backing up onto a Sony Microvault USB Flash Drive.

      Now nobody laugh because I really don't know what I'm doing. When everything was backed up, I have two files on the stick. One that is 1.8Mb in size with a nonsensical name and the other much smaller file called index.arb. Neither of them can be opened or bear any resemblance to the files that I have backed up.

      Am I doing something wrong or is this what it's supposed to look like? If that's the case then how do I select files to reinstall should anything happen to the originals? Any help anyone can give me with this would be greatly appreciated.

      I love the way that the Mcafee program says you can reinstall files with just one click, but doesn't explain how. :o
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          You cannot read the contents of backed up files.

          Whenever you plugin your usb stick and launch mback it checks the difference in the backed up files and the current files in that location and notifies you of any of the files are missing then that information is shown in the MBACK screen.

          You can get more help by clicking Help link in the top right of Backup UI.