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    Backup archive location on the network

      I need to change the mapped network location for the local archive setting in backup. When I designate a folder on the other computer it ask for a username and password. What username and password is it asking for I am using McAfee Total Protection 3. My computer os is Windows xp professional. The archive locations os is Windows Vista Home Premium. Thank you
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          There is a small problem, as far as McAfee is concerned the Backup location is cast in stone...

          If you want to change the location for the Backup, then you might as well delete any Backups that you have in your original locatioon & start again from scratch in the new.

          I have a network drive which is not always running, so when I run a backup, I must first make sure that the drive is running wth the correct drive letter. If not I have to use MS Computer Manger to change the drive letter to what McAfee expects.

          I hope this helps,