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    McAfee Backup is locking up my computer

      I have a huge problem whenever McAfee backup runs - it uses all my computer resources and makes the computer impossible to use. Have a look at this screen capture to see what I mean:

      It says that over 6hrs of CPU time has been used by the backup process yet the computer was only on for 5 hrs when I took this picture. I have a dual core processor so that may explain the anomoly, but how can one program need so much CPU time?

      It says 1.6Gb of memory is being used - that is a rediculous amount for one program.

      It says that 460Gb of hard disk data has been read but I am only backing up 37Gb - why has it read all data in every file I am backing up 12 times???? Surely it should just read the FAT to get file details and only read data for files that are new or have changed (only 1Gb of data has actually been backed up)?

      When taking the screen capture it took 2 minutes for my picture software to open, 45 seconds for the file name dialog to come up when I clicked save and then 4 minutes for the software to close and redraw my desktop!!!!!

      The only way I can use my computer once backup starts running to to use Task Manager to end the process, after which it goes back to normal. I have tried setting the thread priority to low but that does not make any significant difference.

      What can I do to solve these issues? Details of my settings are:
      Windows XP, all latest updates, 2Gb RAM
      AMD 4800 dual core processor
      McAfee backup version 1.2.103
      200Gb disk with 115Gb data, of which 37Gb being backed up
      120Gb 2nd disk, IDE connected, used exclusively for backup. Currently about 60Gb used.
      Encryption and compression is turned off.
      Full backup is scheduled for once every 2 months, incremental backup for once every 2 days.

      Your help will be much appreciated.
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          Peter M
          The problem is that it's a matter of luck for an actual McAfee person to read this particular forum.

          To be quite honest, I wouldn't use this feature as there are products out there that do a much better job, are more easily configurable and, as they are specifically designed for the task, work better, cover more file types etc.
          However I did come across this article which may give you some help: http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?id=106924&lc=1033&partner=10005&type= TS

          If you need technical help there is always the Technical Support Chat line, linked in my signature. Disable all pop-up blockers or it wont work.

          Or, I can flag this for attention but I would need more details:
          Your operating system, service pack and whether or not you are totally up to date with Microsoft updates.
          Your installed McAfee products:
          Double-click the taskbar icon to open Security Center then click "View Details" or "About" at the lower right-hand corner and post the details from each module.
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            Thanks for taking the effort to reply. A bit disappointing that the best advice is not to use it but you may well be right.
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              One way (the way?) to make MDB lighter on the resources is to turn off the "encryption" and "compression" options.
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                I have already done that - see penultimate line of my original post where I described my current settings.
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                  My apologies... I missed that in your original post.

                  In that case, let's see if we can get someone else to have a look at this issue.

                  Flagged your post for attention.
                  • 6. Recommendations?

                    Are you willing to tell us what you'd recommend? :)


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                      Peter M
                      I've used Restrospect Express and Acronis True Image myself with few problems.

                      I tend to burn my backups manually to rerwritable optical media. (DVD-RAM). That way I can be very selective of exactly what I backup. I rarely use the backup software, unless I want to copy entire partitions/disks, then Acronis is the one.
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                        Thanks so much, Peter. I really appreciate the reply. I don't want to make a full disk image, but I do have more to back up than is easily manageable with DVDs. I want to be able to specify which folders to back up, and then do full and incremental backups of them to a network disk on a regular basis.

                        I'll check out the programs you recommended.

                        Thanks again,

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                          3. Defrag the drive space all file systems:
                          - click My Computer
                          - right-click the C: drive
                          - click Properties
                          - open the tab Tools
                          - under the section "Defragmentation" click Defragment Now... (note, defragmenting the drive can take a LONG time)
                          - defrag your other drives as well in a similar manner

                          4. Backing up a folder
                          - create a new folder, and put some average sized files in it, so that the folder is about 100MB large.
                          - set up McAfee DataBackup to ONLY back-up this new folder. Make sure that compression and encryption are turned OFF
                          - Back up this test folder and monitor the time it takes and the amount of CPU usage
                          - If the above usage is acceptable try increasing the size of the test data folder - repeat the process for folders of 500MB abd 1GB in size, and so on.
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