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    Select All Files?

      Is there an easy way to select all file types in watched folders for backup (*.*)? Seems like a labor-intensive process to manually add all file extensions just to get a complete backup. Also as I read, what's up with the PST files? Do I need to manually copy these to get a backup of my Outlook data? Does anyone at McAfee actually look at backup software, or use it?

      What I want is: I want all the stuff on my hard drive backed up to a separate location, and I want the backup program to restore it when I need it. I don't care about the installed programs - just the data, documents, and downloads (which include downloaded purchased software, including McAfee's, which are usually EXE, CAB or ZIP extensions that I now have to manually tell the backup program to backup.) Sheesh!

      McAfee's backup is superior to Norton 360 or native Windows Vista IMO. Norton 360 continually rendered my DVD drive invisible and blocked outgoing mail; 360 Backup, while having a pretty interface, constantly popped up error messages and would periodically just refuse to work. Vista defaulted to no EXE file backup, and the interface was obscure and unusable for restoring files. The HP Easy Backup that came with my system, riding on the Vista engine so including all of Vista's faults, would not recognize its own previous backup files if you had to reinstall it. What a concept for a backup program!

      So McAfee is the best of the bunch, warts and all; can't it just backup all the files in the folders I designate without jumping through all the hoops?
        • 1. I'm having the same problem...

          I'm having the same problem. Unfortunately no one has replied to your post giving an answer. And this seems to be the only way to get tech support from McAfee!!! Their chat system does not work for me. I tried for hours!
          Should I return this product? I've heard a lot of good things about McAfee but this is the dumbest back up system if you can't choose "all files" but have to figure out every extension you want backed up in my "watched" folders. And why the heck won't it back up the ".pst" file? Weird.
          And if posting to a board that McAfee tech support people don't read and respond to is the only way to try to get tech support, I'm not impressed with McAfee.
          • 2. No way to back up "all files"
            Just thought I'd let you know. I finally got their chat system working and asked this question. Their reply was simply " there is no option to back up all file types. You need to add the file types manually in McAfee." And "I am sory to inform you that it will not take back up of pst file."

            I can't imagine the bizarre mind that came up with that system where you have to choose every file type you want backed up. And why it can't back up the pst file. Who would intentionally make a program this weird?

            Anyone know a better system than McAfee? I may return this whole suite and get something else. I just can't get my mind around the stupidity of this system.