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    Data backup module poorly implemented

      I have McAfee Total Protection 2007. Works great, no slow down, but the data backup module takes away the confidence one should have in this product. I have never used a backup program that does not do what it should. The very fact that you must select file types for backup is insane. Many files are missed and/or lost in this manner.
      I would recommend McAfee revisit this problem and redo the entire backup module. I hope they look at other competitors like Bitdefender, Symantec, and others. A strong, robust backup module to total protection would make this the best available. I know this is my opinion and I will respect your opinion too. Are other members here happy with the backup module? Problems pointed out well over 1 year ago still exist, such as the lack of .pst backup. Just make a program that backs up everything, simple and easy to use. You will see a difference in reviews and less complaints.