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    Changing Settings within Data Backup & using a Network Drive


      I am no expert, but I have spent a couple of days trying to get around this problem, & thought I would share, as I cannot get any sense out of McAfee Support...

      I have a couple of PC's at home on a hardwired network, I also have a Network Drive (NAS)...

      Once you have been through the Network Manager & confirm the existence & identity of the NAS, you can then select the Drive from within Data Backup & use it.

      BUT BEWARE...

      The next problem I then had, & did not got any sensible answer on is

      Once you have selected this drive, & Data Backup has accepted it, you cannot make any changes to the Settings in the General Tab

      The only way around this second problem, is power down your network drive & reboot your PC, with no netwrok drive. Only then will Data Backup allow you to change the Full & Quich Archive settings