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    Mapped drive error...

      Every time I try to define a specific mapped drive to archive to, I receive the following error:

      "The destination media does not match the specified archive location: Connected Media."

      Eh? About as descriptive and intuitive an error message as I've seen in a long time... Unfortunately, even though the icon would indicate that this is a warning level dialog, I cannot set any folder on that drive as the destination of the achive. I can, however, navigate normally in the folder tree, and go to any of the folders where I want the archive to be saved.

      That said, this is not a SMB share - it is connecting to an outside service, and providing access to a data storage area via a Windows mapped drive. How the connection occurs should not be relevant, since it provides a standard access method to the data via a mapped drive...

      Thoughts? (Esp from McAfee themselves...)