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    How can I do a full backup of watched folders?

      I have 4 folders that I included under deep watches. What do I have to do to create a backup of all the files in these folders?

      Rather stupidly I thought this is what pressing the button marked "full archive" would achieve but I now know to my cost that it does not. If I search the folders with explorer there are 34.2Gb of files. My last full backup only contains 3.8Gb - what happened to the other 90%?

      Recently a file got corrupted but it was not in the archive which left me with 4 hours of work to recreate it yet it was in a watched folder. Surely it is a basic function of any archive program that it backs up files in the folders you say you want to back up so what do I have to do to achieve that?

      Can somebody please tell me how I can set this up so when I press "full archive" it copies every file in every watched folder to my backup disk, and then monitors changes so that every day it copies any file in a watched folder that has been changed. Then once a month I want it to abandon what it has done so far and create a new full archive. Note I have 2 hard disks so the backup is always connected and can always be written to so this auto backup should be switched on all the time.
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          Hi Lorne,
          I believe you must select the file types that you want to back up in the settings window. The program does not copy every file in a folder, it only copies the file types that you select in that folder (It that makes any sense).

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            Unfortunately it does not. The folders I want to backup all contain file types that are selected but they still do not get backed up. It seems that if a file is backed up once it will never be backed up again unless it changes so the button marked "full archive" should read "archive files not already archived".

            In my case I now know the file was indeed backed up - it was just that I could not find it in about 100 backup folders that were horribly named (using ddmmyyyy format instead of the more obvious yyyymmdd that would at least let me scroll through them in date order). Since I was not sure what the file name was (I just knew what was in it and approximately where it was stored on the hard disk) it was impossible to manually go through each of 100+ folder trees in the hope of finding it. Had it been in the last backup which was a full archive then I would only have to search one folder tree and could have found it in 10 minutes or so rather than several days.
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              I will try and help you later on when I get home from work tonight. I'm running late right now.
              I'm sure we could figure this thing out!
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                Sorry I could not help you earlier. Anyway here are instructions to search for an archived file,

                Search for an archived file
                If you have a large repository of archived files, you can find a file quickly by searching for it. You can look for all or part of a file's name or path and can then narrow your search by specifying the approximate file size and the date on which it was last archived.

                To search for an archived file:

                Type all or part of the file name in the Search box at the top of the screen, and then press ENTER.

                Type all or part of the path in the All or part of the path box.
                Specify the approximate size of the file that you are searching for by doing one of the following:
                Click <100 KB, <1 MB, or >1 MB.
                Click Size in KB, and then specify the appropriate size values in the boxes.
                Specify the approximate date of the file's last online backup by doing one of the following:
                Click This Week, This Month, or This Year.
                Click Specify Dates, click Archived in the list, and then click the appropriate date values from the date lists.
                Click Search.
                Note: If you do not know the approximate size or date of the last archive, click Unknown.

                Let me know if this helps,