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    Connecting to a network drive


      I am trying to backup to a network drive connected through my internet router. I have mapped and accessed the drive through windows but can not see it when trying to get to it under the data back up settings, selecting location. All I can see is enitire network>mshome>the two pc that are on mshome>shared files.

      Any suggestions

      Backup works fine if I connect by usb direct


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          I am having similar problems. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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            I am no expert, but have spent a couple of days trying to get this to work...

            First of all you have to go through the Network Manager to allow the McAfee Suite to be able to see your Network Drives.

            Then you can select the Drive from within Data Backup

            BUT BEWARE...

            The next problem I then had, & have not got any sensible answer on is

            Once you have selected this drive, & Data Backup has accpted it, you cannot make any changes to the Settings in the General Tab

            The only way around this second problem, is power down your network drive & reboot your PC. Only then will Data Backup allow you to change the Full & Quich Archive settings