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    Unable to recover after removing safeboot


      After several login errors (safeboot said, incorrect password using diferent users as admin and password sure was ok), our system admin decided to remove safeboot from a laptop.

      10 hours later, after safeboot sucesfully removed, we still cant log into the computer. The computer ask always for the emergency disk, we use the disk and tried to restore the original MBR, then comes a "NTLDR is Missing" msg.

      We are decripting again, because we dint found a place to see if the partition is still cypher or not, mounting the partition from a linux live cd we can see the partition is not ok.

      Local McAfee staff cant solve the problem and redirects to Holland, but we are still waiting.

      Thanks for helping.
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          please log a ticket for helpdesk support and don't tinker any more - you will loose access to all your data.

          what is the exact message that was displayed?
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            We had something similar... here is how to safe your data (to put back the SB MBR)
            1. Since you use the "restore original MBR", the FAT (NTFS) is no longer there... so you want to use BartPE with WinTech and authendicates with the machine export file from the server.
            2. Then "restore SB MBR"...
            3. Most likely by now, you can use A43 utility to view your data.

            To remove SB...
            4. use remove SafeBoot again...
            5. delete SBXFERDB.SDB
            6. restart....

            Note: the "remove SafeBoot", does not remove it completely.. it only decrypt the entire drive... so I will delete "SBXFERDB.SDB" right after "remove SafeBoot"... in such case, SafeBoot will not start encrypt your system after you restart. As for SBXFERDB.sdb, it's your machine token/policy/settings.

            PS: my guess.... your syste restarted to Windows... then SafeBoot try to encrypt it again...

            again, this is only my experience, I can not 100% guarantee your situation... good luck!
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              note - the OP didn't mention what version of "SafeBoot" he was using, so we don't really know what steps to take.

              I imagine that some repartitioning of the drive may have occurred after installing EEPC/DEPC etc, and that restoring the original MBR has lost track of the new partition layout.
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                The ticket is open days ago, but we have no response.

                First time we remove safeboot the error first menssage was something like "operating sistem not found" or "error operating sistem not found" seems to be a BIOS problem.

                Chkdsk said someting like "volume seems to have non recoverable errors".

                The we tried to mount the disk and we could make a "dir" but directories and files looks like corrupted, or cipher.

                And then we tried to restore original MBR, the msg was "NTLDR is Missing" msg.

                Now we use the emergency disk again to remove safeboot, still 50%.

                ¿Is safeboot decripting again a corrupted S.O. step?
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                  if you tell me the ticket number, or your name and company, I can look up what's going on.
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                    I havent the tick num, Sys admin has gone home, tomorrow morning i will give it to you, anyway, we cant do nothing right now, removing needs 4 hour to finish.

                    Corporate Safeboot version is 4.2, i will send you the company name via PM.


                    PD: PM is disabled, any "no public" way to send u the company and tick?
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                      just mail it to me - simon_hunt@mcafee.com
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