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    Slow Back up problem

      Good morning folks and Happy Sunday!
      I just installed "intermet security suite 2007" the other day and I and trying to back up everything in the My Doc folder. problem is I started this 12 hours ago and it is only telling me that it is 57% complete, sure seems like along time to me! any help would be great. I am have an e-machine computer with 1 GB RAM, 3000+ AMD Athlon processor and backing it up to a 8GB seagate compact flash card.

      Thanks again
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          Left out info;

          The rest of my computer is running at normal speed
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            Hi Krecsy,

            Did you ever get feedback on this???

            The trick is to go into settings/advanced & disable both encrypt & compress. It should then run much quicker.

            Each of these options means that your complete Data Archive is processed 4 times, first to prepare, it then to encrypt it, thirdly to zip it, & then to write it...

            The other settings you should consider are, daily quick archives & monthly full archives...

            I have finally got mine to work like this.

            Have fun,