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    trouble restoring archived files

      Here's my issue- was using mcafee backup on xp home to archive files to a external 1394 HDD. have since changed motherboard and internal HDd's + installed new xp pro os. reinstalled mcafee total protection from site download. can't figure out how to acxess original archive. backup shows no missing files. can see archive files on ext hdd .
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          I seem to be having the same problem that others are having. I've been backing up my HP with XP for more than a year. Full archives every other week and incrementals daily. Unfortunately, the hard drives on the HP crashed and I figured I'd transfer everything from my backup to another HP XP machine that I kept for just such an emergency.

          After hooking up the external drive and starting up McAfee back up and restore and pointing to the archive location, I was shocked to find no way to identify the files on the back-up drive so they could be restored. The don't appear in the missing files window. Restore all doesn't work and browsing to the directory, sees the directory but not the files.

          Further examination of the back-up drive using explorer shows the archive directories, and encrypted files with files sizes that clearly reflect that there is something there, but McAfee doesn't seem to know that.

          After rummaging around myself, I call McAfee help desk (via Comcast -- this is the Comcast sponsored McAfee). The 1st help person simply didn't know what she was talking about. She after repeating many of the things I did, she told me that once the hard drive had crashed on my original machine, the software couldn't restore the data because it was only designed to restore data that you accidently deleted. I didn't know what to say to that, so I asked for a supervisor. She refused to escalate because she said I wasn't using the software correctly. At that point I went back to Comcast.

          The comcast help person was great. She understood the problem and clearly know that what I was told made no sense. In fact she quoted some source that described moving files from one computer to another using McAfee back-up and restore. In any case she reconnected me with a very good help person at McAfee. We spent 2 hours trying to restore things. She was adament that it could and should work. We even moved the back-up directory to another drive (it took 45 minutes to copy so the data is there), but we had the same problem in the end.

          My guess is that there is some index file that's missing or corrupt that McAfee is looking for. It would really be disappointing if that wasn't kept with the rest of the back-up information. At this point I really wish I had turned the encryption and compression options off. I'd probably be able to at least manually copy the files from the back-up. At 500Gb, not sure why I was being so tight about compressing the files.

          In any case, I'm stuck for an answer to this. There's 1 year's worth of research on the drive that I'd love to recover if anyone has come up with a fix.
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            The encryption is based on your McAfee account. As long as you are using McAfee software downloaded/registered to the same account now as you were when you created the back-up, then it should be decryptable.
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              Thanks for the reply. The version of McAfee I'm using is the one supplied by Comcast. I've clicked on all sorts of things and can not find a version number anywhere on the version I downloaded to restore my data. In fact the only date I could find was a copyright date in the Security Center help. It was 2006.

              I downloaded it a few days ago from the same Comcast account I used to get McAfee on my old machine. That version was updated not too long ago. Both interfaces were the same as far as I can remember so I assumed they were the same. No version number comes up with the splash screen so there's no way for me to tell the version number of McAfee on the old system.

              In terms of size, the system backed-up to a single directory on my external drive. That drive contains 5 folders at the top level. Each of those folders have a file; index.arb, often a data file with a cryptic name, and in most more subfolders of similar structure. In all, the back-up directory is 9.2 gigabytes.

              Please let me know if there's any other information you require.

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                What sizes are the biggest files? Nearly 2GB each, in each of the five folders?

                In the mean time, I'll see if I can get someone (Tier 3 / Developer) to have a look at this topic.
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                  Thanks, Wow, I never even saw that option. In any case here's he info:

                  Comcast Security Center:
                  Version: 7.2
                  Build: 7.2.147

                  Data backup
                  Version: 1.2
                  Build: 1.2.103


                  Sorry I missed responding to your last question in your response. Yes, the biggest files are close to 2GB in each folder. but to be more accurate, most are slightly larger than 1.6GB one is 1.2GB.

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                    Based on your question, a thought just hit me. Is it possible that my old machine got 2008 from Comcast? My son tells me that the splash screen and the UI we see on the new machine is different than that of the old machine. I don't really remember, it just worked.

                    However if this is the case, then the back up may have been with version 2008. The machine I'm trying to restore to clearly has 2007. I've tried to update it via Comcast, but it continues to download 2007, even when I do a complete install.

                    I suspect that this isn't the problem, but if the files were backed-up with 2008 and I'm trying to use 2007 to restore them, I'm sure there's a potential problem if the key aspects of the software and/or file structure was changed....just a thought...

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                      I was just wondering if this issue has been resolved becuase I am having the same problem.
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                        Sorry but I don't have good news.

                        After many escalation steps with the help desk people who met every commitment they made to call me back, email stuff... they were not able to fix the problem. Had I not been very lucky, I would have lost everything and my consulting business would have been very challenged.

                        Fortunately, I had been using foldershare on that machine and had forgotten that it was mirroring nearly all of my important data to the house server. Once I remembered (nearly 2 weeks after the hard drive failed) I was able to recover nearly everything.

                        I've since switched to a Mac...lesson learned for me.

                        Good luck

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                          Vinod R
                          wfhills I am glad that you finally managed to rescue most of the data..I know how it feels to almost loose all those hard earned and collected data from you computer.i had a very similiar situation (though was not using McAfee or any other backup utility,,infact I had no backup....gee).And one day that good old hard drive went rrrrrr............ kapppputttt...... a small beep and hissssssssss. no response only a Blue Screen of Death on my Screen. God only knows how many I hours I sat in front of my system performing delicate surgery on the Hard Drive and the machine.Finally after6- hrs of work I spurred in to work by slapping it and then wipinig out the C: using a Linux free edition OS and then reformatting with Win Xp.Then I set all my Songs and Video collection (less priority ones to be backed up to another new HDD on auto and I caught some sleep).Then the next day was the toughest I had my Critical years of data,the gem and the most Important stuff that needed to be rescued I didn't take much chances.I installed Recovery softwares(Zero-Assumption Recover and two more ) and in a non-stop battle(try again and again) for over 2 days recovered 98-99% of the data sizewise and almost 100% priority wise.Infact even after an year since that incident I think I still have the list of 10-12 pdf files that I could not recovery and had to lose.

                          I will never In my life forget that event that drained every sinew and Nerve in my body and took me to the extreme that I would have contemplated anything!!!
                          Even when i type this now there is a horrible chill down my spine!!!!!

                          My tips
                          -Back up regularly:: one more than one location(source) for those really valuable files
                          -one HDD may fail but the probabily of two HDD to fail is unlikely and if Cds are also there even less chances(you wont use them so less chances)

                          -have a could active backup plan like wfhills had a mirroring idea is good if you frequently add data.

                          -The best Idea is to have some sort of DATA RECOVERY software.Not RESTORE.:mad:
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